The Groom's Perspective

I will be honest. It's not the easiest conversation to have with a newly engaged couple that the fee for our services can be between a $1500-$7,000 expense. Though I truly believe that in this day and time, many couples recognize the benefit of a Planner, I highly doubt most are prepared for the cost.

As the couple and I sit in our office and we entertain the concept of what a fantasy wedding means to the Bride, I'm always amazed at the eager, yet silent spirit exuded by the Groom. Is he excited? Of course. Opinionated? Of course. But somehow, we live in a society where the "groom's perspective" is often overlooked and everything defaults to the common notion of "It's all about the Bride, whatever she likes".

My outlook on planning is a little different in that it is very important for me to include the Groom in the planning process. After all, what good is an equation with only half of the formula?

I received a recent review on weddingwire and I must say, not only was I honored, I was humbled by what my recent Groom Colby had to say:

Jennifer and I found Isis through a co-worker. We went to Philly around the middle of November to interview Isis along with a few other planners. The first thing that I noticed about Isis was eye contact. To explain, other planners that Jennifer and I had interviewed had about 85% eye contact with the Bride, as if I the groom did not exist. To me, that is a sign that the planner will not consult the groom or interact with the groom about wedding decisions. With Isis, she gave both Jennifer and myself equal eye contact when interviewing. She was confident in answering questions, and she appeared to be a sensible and reasonable person. Jennifer and I knew that Isis would be our pick before we even left Philly that night. During the wedding planning process, Isis was persistant, motivated, and attentive to all of our needs. She even went over and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. What I liked the most about Isis is that if she happened to miss our call, she gave us a call right back. Email was the same as well. It is not uncommon for her to email back in the same minute you sent her a message. She is always accessible and even though she is also planning other weddings, you would never know it. We always felt like she was our own personal planner. We sort of got jealous when we saw other wedding pictures. We were like, what is our Isis doing planning their wedding!!!! LOL. From the interview to the big day, Isis stayed on top of all of our milestones, deadlines, and insured that we did everything we were supposed to do when we were supposed to do it.

This was our first wedding and neither one of us had a clue as to what we were doing. We were blessed to have someone like Isis that helped us put the pieces together to create a wedding that my family is still talking about almost a month after. If you have been contiplating whether you should get a wedding planner, take it from me, when you are about 2 months from your big day, you will see why spending the extra money on a planner is worth it; especially if it is Isis. There are so many loose ends to tie 2 months out that it is almost impossible to enjoy your big day if you are worried about everything going right. Isis will tie all the ends and put all the pieces together to insure that on the days leading to the wedding and on the big day, you will not have to worry about a thing. Just tellem to "Call Isis"!!!! LOL

Isis is passionate about what she does and loves to plan weddings. This is not just a job for her, this is what she lives for. If you are the type of person who believes that paying attention to detail is important, good quality of service is fundamental to excellent customer support, and addressing small issues may solve big problems, then you will be more than satisfied with Isis. Believe me, when it is your big day, you want someone who has all angles covered and is prepared for anything.

I loved Isis so much that I am actually considering getting married again!!!!!!

Just kidding... LOL

Thank you Colby and Jennifer. For allowing me to be a part of your big day!

Sneak Peak-Jennifer and Colby

It's raining here in Philadelphia today and I'm a bit under the weather. If never before, I definitely needed a reason to smile.

Introducing Colby & Jennifer.

I can't wait to share more details from this extraordinary wedding in the upcoming weeks but for now, witness what true love looks like. This is why we do what we do.

Happy Friday!



In honor of Wednesday, I thought I'd share...

Center City Philadelphia's bars and restaurants are hosting the summer's happiest hour every Wednesday, from today June 3 through August 26, 5-7 pm.

Enjoy $4 cocktails, $3 wine, $2 beers and half-priced appetizers. You may see a listing of participating bars and restaurants at the Center City Sips website.

What better excuse for a much needed bridal party night out and quality time with the hubby to be?

Enjoy! You can thank me later.