Weddings & Coordinators: The Recap

Everyday I feel bombarded with the notion of the recession and the economy. The tabloids will have you believe that the wedding industry is recession proof, however, I for one have had many Clients delay their weddings, to allow for the securing of additional finances. I also notice that many couples are trying to "save a buck" by taking the cheaper route and hiring an inexperienced planner or paying a family friend.

I'm always saddened by this. Not because I believe that weddings can not be planned without the assistance of a Coordinator, but because I believe that with your wedding, moreso than any other time, if you're going to do something, do it right.

I can't reiterate it enough.

So, in honor of Monday and the start of a nerw week, I went into the archives and pulled out two of my absolute favorite posts. True Life: I am a Wedding Coordinator and Not Looking to Pay for Advice . If you are newly engaged and consdering hiring a Planner or a newbie to the industry, I hope these articles provide some insight into the life of a Professional Coordinator verses a "weekend warrior" (as some may call it) and illustrate that the dollars invested will be well worth it in the end.

Happy reading!


Happy Independence Day

From our family to yours, we wish you had a wonderful, happy and safe Independence Day!

We also wish a happy 1st anniversary to our couple Mark & Johann. We wish you many, many, many more happy years to come.



Pose for the camera

During the planning process, I always advise my clients to set aside a few hours in any given day and schedule an engagement session with their photographer. Unlike the wedding day,where there is a ton of "hustle and bustle", the engagement session gives the couple the opportunity to truly relish in each other's love and have it documented...not to mention you can feel like a true superstar and have an excuse to shop. Who doesn't love that?

Engagement session photos can be utilized for ceremony or reception decor, incorporated into your wedding stationary, or simply retained as your own keepsake. What I love the most about the sessions is that typically, my Clients say that they experienced a much needed "break" from the planning process and really enjoyed themselves. The session also gives the photographer a little room to be more creative.

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE engagement session photos of my gorgeous October bride Tiffany. How fabulous is this shot?

(Photo courtesy of black eye soup photography)

So, did you elect to have engagement photos taken? If so, what was your experience. If you are newly engaged, are you considering? We'd love to know!