Pose for the camera

During the planning process, I always advise my clients to set aside a few hours in any given day and schedule an engagement session with their photographer. Unlike the wedding day,where there is a ton of "hustle and bustle", the engagement session gives the couple the opportunity to truly relish in each other's love and have it documented...not to mention you can feel like a true superstar and have an excuse to shop. Who doesn't love that?

Engagement session photos can be utilized for ceremony or reception decor, incorporated into your wedding stationary, or simply retained as your own keepsake. What I love the most about the sessions is that typically, my Clients say that they experienced a much needed "break" from the planning process and really enjoyed themselves. The session also gives the photographer a little room to be more creative.

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE engagement session photos of my gorgeous October bride Tiffany. How fabulous is this shot?

(Photo courtesy of black eye soup photography)

So, did you elect to have engagement photos taken? If so, what was your experience. If you are newly engaged, are you considering? We'd love to know!


isha said...

Great post Isis! These sessions also let the couple get comfortable in front of the camera and their photographer.

I love this shot too.

Stacey Strickler said...

This is a great shot! Before I saw the photo credit, I thought it looked like a blackeye soup photo. He takes great pictures and has a signature style.