Yes, That's me!

Over the last month or two, "POSH" and myself in particular, have been the subject of a few articles in our local magazines. Most recently, we were honored to be selected as one of the Courier Post's 35 under 35; an article by sister magazine, The Impulse, which featured 35 "community minded young professionals making a difference" in the community.

As a result, recently I've been "spotted" by wedding guests, vendors and strangers on the street, all wanting to know if it's "me" in the stories. The answer is YES, it's me.

To everyone who has also called and emailed to congratulate me, thank you so much. I'm truly honored to do what I love and I'm glad to be selected as a representative for this amazing industry.


Simply Amazing

I literally jumped for joy today when I saw the Oh so familiar site of an envelope from the talented photographers at Clair Pruett Studios. This time however, it was not only the pictures themselves that I was excited to see; I was also happy to revisit sharing the day with one of the nicest couples I've ever worked with-Eve & Joe. Not only were Eve & Joe incredibly in love, they truly celebrated their day in their signature "style". One of my favorite elements of their "texture" themed Wedding, the incredibly mod and funky centerpieces crafted by Denise Herker of Leigh Florist. Aren't they fabulous?


Hot, Hot, Hot

Yesterday I paid a visit to one of my favorite local linen Rental companies. On my hunt for the perfect floor length linen for the office (I found it by the way), I worked up a conversation with the guru of design. As she and I were discussing what's "in" for the season, we ran across a few favorite items. Thought I'd share:

1. Hot Pink is ABSOLUTELY still hot! I happen to love this color in the Bengaline fabric, and if you're looking for a way to make your party "pop", think pink for sure.

2. Flatware-This season flatware has certainly undergone MAJOR changes. Who would think that forks and knives could be so fun? (Ask your local company for a sample of their deco line-FAB-U-LOUS!)

3. Chargers-Certainly a must for the table, chargers are now being designed just as funky as the china that they support...

4. China- You will definitely notice more square options this season. I also found that alot more companies are offering the rounded center within the square shell.

5. Last but certainly not least- Linens! (When I say I spent FOREVER trying to find 1 linen for 1 table, I mean forever). This season, designers have gone all out to create the most georgeous selection of linens I've seen in a long time. Just when you think that you've found "the one", the next item you find is sure to out do the last. Here's a hint-MIX and match. Use your imagination to mix and match fabric types of complimentary colors...who's to say you can't have it all.

Oh, how could I forget? The most common color so far for the new season, isn't even 1 color. Jeweled tones are the "it" for the new year.

Happy partying!


I do...Really, I do

Have an office that is!

By far, the most common request I've gotten lately (well, second to recent pictures of my son) is for a picture of the new office. I absolutely LOVE the new space in Merchantville, NJ. The office is just outside of Cherry Hill, NJ about 2 miles from Cherry Hill Mall-(I'll never get too far from that place, especially since they are putting a Nordstrom there!)

Since the office is technically still a "work in progress", here are some pictures, just for proof. I promise to post pictures once it's all done. Hope you enjoy!

Before (Not too exciting)...


(Disclaimer: This is NOT my real table linen; just a "temporary" fix until the gorgeous pintuck arrives in the office; remember, all linens MUCH touch the floor!)

So, what do you think?


My new favorite place

So...I have a new favorite place, well, technically it's an old favorite that I can't get enough of. Cork Restaraunt in in Westmont, NJ is the perfect place to kickback, relax and treat yourself to an amazing dining experience. With an extensive wine collection and small plate offerings, be it lunch or dinner time, anytime is right.

Even better, Cork offers a private dining room for special events that accomodates approximately 40 people. The atmosphere is perfect for a small intimate affair and the staff is extremely accomodating-I should know; we'll be having our "POSH" Grand party in a month. So, if you're ever in the area and need a place to hang back, stop in and be sure to tell everyone I said hello!


I've been tagged!

I guess it's finally my turn! I've been tagged by the wonderful Michelle Tortuya, Principal Event Consultant of Charming Events . The way it works is that I'm go give eight pieces of info about me that are supposed to be here goes:

1. I test drove 15 SUVs before finally buying mine. Sick, I know...I always knew I wasn't a minivan mom and I meant it! 15 Cars later, I'm driving a Pilot.

2. My Godmother delivered me-Yup, it's true. My godmother Tulani delivered me into the world and as a thank you-the "T" between my first and last name stands for Tulani.

3. I love to belly dance. Not that I'm very good at it, but I have taken lessons the last few years so I'm getting better. I can honestly admit though, it's SOOO much harder than it looks.

4. I'm a career student. I have 3 degrees in total-2 Bachelors and an MBA. I've probably taken more courses than anyone I know and if there's something I'm interested in, (hence Belly dancing) I will find somewhere I can take a class on it.

5. Multiples run in my family. My grandmother had 5 children, 4 of which had twins. I have yet to actually count all of the sets of twins in our family, but there are a TON and my cousin broke the record with the birth of the first set of triplets!

6. I've seen the sunrise and sunset in every location I've ever travelled to. I still have yet to determine a favorite setting.

7. I love ice cream in the winter. I actually love ice cream anytime of the year, but in the winter it just seems sooo much better.

8. New York and Orange County, CA are my favorite places to go. I've been known to travel to the city just to fulfill a food craving. lol.

Now it's your turn:

Weddings by Shayna

Perfect Settings


The Unveiling of an ICON

I often speak on how lucky I've been throughout my career between the amazing couples and vendors I've had the opportunity to work with. Today is no different. Last Friday,my dear colleague Veronica Chojnacki, owner of Vera-Icon Photography, an amazing photographer and one of the funniest people I've met in a very long time, got to showcase her work at New York's Fashion week.

For those who don't know, Fashionweek is certainly the unveiling of the best in their craft. Veronica is no exception. With her unique style and amazing eye, her photography is truly remarkable and from her Italian Coffee Table album to each individual shot, her passion for her art is reflected in her work.

I'm so proud of her and I wish her continued success in her journey to be an ICON.


Welcome Baby Elizabeth!

After months of anticipation, baby Elizabeth Jane Duncan arrived at 8:04 pm on Friday night. She weighed 7 lbs, 1 oz and was 19 inches long and oh, what a cutie!!!

Congratulations to the new mommy & daddy and lots of hugs and kisses to baby Duncan.


So, what's your favorite...

Wedding movie?

I was reading Kelly's blog today and she had a picture from my ultimate favorite wedding movie (which I shamelessly permanently borrowed)-My Best Friend's wedding. I know the movie is a bit "corny" and TBS has rerun it enough to make all of us sick, but what can I say? I love it! I'm not sure if it's because I love Julia Roberts or all of the moments in the movie where I can chime in and sing along or still laugh after all of these years. My favorite part of the movie? By far, the scene at the end where she's chasing Michael and he's chasing Kimmy and her gay best friend (who's character I love by the way) says (and this is not a quote-I change this line everytime) Jules, if he's chasing her and you're chasing him, who's chasing you? NOBODY! That's your answer...". I LOVE IT!

So, I've confessed my little secret. Now it's your turn! What's your favorite wedding movie/scene?



If you asked me what my favorite Wedding book is, I honestly couldn't answer. I have soooo many and for so many different reasons. Of course there are the classics like InStyle Weddings, and then there are the all out amazing show stoppers likeWeddings, Valentine Style (I Love her by the way!).

Today, my inspiration however, came not from the book-but the book title!

If you don't have Colin Cowie's Extraordinary Weddings, definitely invest the money to buy it. As if the book itself isn't enough, the subtitle "from a glimmer of an idea to a legendary event", truly sparked my creativity today. I was working on the design for an upcoming event and realized that something was missing...and finally, after spinning my wheels, I realized we were missing was just a little "bling". It was a major "aha" moment for me-and I certainly feel like I took my event from just a "glimmer" to legendary.

Thank you Mr. Cowie, you've done it again!


Preeti Amazing Weekend!

This weekend I had the honor of working with Preeti Nanvaan of Preeti Exclusive Creations, an event management company specializing in South Asian Fusion Event Management and design.

Preeti and I have actually known each other for over 2 years, but with our busy schedules, this weekend was the first opportunity we had to work together; and let me just emphasize the word WORK. With 6 weddings in two days, there was lots to learn and to see but, I can honestly say(although we had a 18 hour day on Saturday) I enjoyed every moment of it.

Indian Weddings are truly unique in that they are so rich in culture and tradition. From the Ganesha to the Mandap setup, there are so many aspects of the ceremony that are of a religious nature. The ceremony itself is also visually stimulating and rich in decor...and design is definitely Preeti's forte. Honestly, watching her team install beautiful and stunning Mandaps was by far my favorite part of the day-that and the Dhol drummer. Can we say wow!

I'm exhausted, but definitely enjoyed the opportunity so thanks again Preeti and I'll see you at The Special Event!