Happy New Year

From our family to yours we hope you had a very happy holiday and wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year!


Looking Back

If I told you how many times I've started and stopped this post, you wouldn't even believe me. This is an emotional one for me for sure.

If I had to sum up 2007 for POSH Events, in one word, it would be growth.

As we approach our 5th year in the business, this has by far been the most memorable. We've changed our name to a name which more accurately reflects our vision to be "smart, fashionable, stylish and educated", expanded our staff and opened a new office.

Our weddings have gone from small and intimate for 46 to large gatherings of 300+ where the secret service joined those on the guest list. From the beach to the ballroom to the Military Fort, this year,we've pretty much have seen it all.

While our Grooms ranged from salesman to politicians to NFL players our Brides were educated, fashionable and extremely poised; and their weddings certainly reflected it.

Our vendors have proven that they can and will defy the odds and time and time again have helped us to make the process appear to be seemless.

We were also extremely fortunate to share in welcoming little bundles of joys for many of our 2006 couples as well as preparing for little angels from our 2007 newlyweds.

Of course my greatest achievement this year was the birth of my son Christian. In having him I truly learned the meaning of unconditional love and the miracle of life.

It's been a good year. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you to all that have entrusted, inspired and endured with us.

Cheers to the New Year!


My Very 1st Christmas

Today was Christian's very first Christmas. We actually started it on Christmas Eve as we recognized dragging a 7th month old between 2 grandparents home was going to be quite the challenge.

He did very well. He actually opened one gift all by himself (although he was a bit confused a mommy partially "tore" the paper to speed up the process). We now have outfits to last way through the winter and well into the summer as well as lots of new toys and gifts.

Thank you to all of you who sent well wishes and cards our way and we hope you to had a very Merry Christmas!

(Notice a special "gift" under the tree)

(Christian opened gifts with his cousin Raymond who is 8 months older than him)

(Christian wearing his Christmas bib courtesy of my 10/06 Bride, Reina Byrd)


Style Cap with Denise Herker of Leigh Florist, Audobon, New Jersey

This week's style cap is with my Favorite Floral Connect, Denise Leigh Herker of Leigh Florists in Audobon, New Jersey. Denise and I have worked together on many, many weddings and Brides and Vendors alike just love her laid back, enthusiastic personality. She truly has an appreciation for her work and has mastered her craft. Here goes:

Isis: Denise, how long have you been in the Floral Industry?
Denise: I have been in the industry for seven years. Ironically, it started out as a sales position at a local florist in West Chester , PA. Then I starting taking classes at Long wood gardens to learn more about design and many years later, here I am.

Isis: So, what's your favorite part of what you do?
Denise: My favorite part is definitely the weddings and events. I love playing a part in people's lives and there traditions.

Isis: What does a typical day at the Flower shop entail?
Denise: I am always busy so the first thing I do is make my long to do list for the day. A typical day includes talking to vendors, growers, brides, customers and designing for all different events. The day actually flies by believe it or not, from start to finish it's usually non-stop!

Isis: Tell us something that we'd never guess about you?
Denise: When I found the shop 3 1/2 years ago it had been named Leigh florist since 1918 which is my middle name. It has seemed "meant to be" ever since.
Isis: I still can't get over that story! lol

Isis: What common mistake do Brides make when it comes to flowers?

Isis: What do you seen in terms of Floral trends for 2008?
Denise: Trends for the new year... we are still seeing vibrant shades as well as black and white classic weddings. Centerpieces varying in style and sizes, smaller posy bouquets for bridesmaids, branches and non traditional elements.

Isis: How would you categorize your signature style?
Denise: Elegant European garden style with unique details. I love what I do and I hope that ultimately shines through in every finished product!

Where can interested Brides and Grooms find you?

We are located on the web at or at the studio @ 400 Amherst Rd., Audubon, NJ 08106 | T. 856 547 1090

Isis: Thanks Denise!


Jessica Marries Jeff

So you've heard me mention (only about a half dozen times)my fabulous couple, Jessica and Jeff from last month. I received the pictures from their amazing photographer, Jen Capone,of Jen Capone Photography, and let's just say "the proof is in the pudding".

Thanks again to all of the vendors that assisted in making this wedding a fairytale come true:

The Mansion on Main Street
Trinity United Methodist Church
Center Stage Entertainment
Marriott Mount Laurel
Bella Angel
Fancy Limos
Family Limo


Happy Birthday to me!

That's's my Birthday!

As terribly obnoxius as it is to post to the world, I couldn't resist. I LOVE birthdays...they give people a reason to party and they allow you a moment to reflect on your past, celebrate your accomplishments and plan for the future. That...and there's always cake!

As a "so close to Christmas you can almost taste it" baby, the minute people learn my birth date, they immediately react with an "awh, poor thing-you must be so dissapointed that you don't get separate gifts". This is a total misconception. Believe you me, I've asked many fellow Christmas time babies and they all agree-we fight hard for recognition of our day as OUR day (sometimes through blogs :smile) and we usually receive separate gifts.

Me personally, I have the best gift in the world. Good health, a family that loves and supports me, friends that I adore, a business that inspires me and an angel of a son. What more could a girl want? (Tiffany earrings excluded)

To all my fellow December babies, happy birthday to you too!


Such a Cutie Pie!

I'm always torn when it comes to favors. Personally, I think spending $10/pp of an additional expense and stressing until no end just so you're guests don't talk about you is...ABSURD! But, we all do it and since you're going to do it, make your money (and those gray hairs) work for you -Go edible!

I fell in love with the great treats from Cutie Pie Cookie Company, LLC. . The New York based company offers a couture line which includes four designs and the option to customize your sweet treat with the design of your choice. Not only are the cookies sooo "cute", at $3.25 each (which includes the option to package the cookie as either a gift or a favor), you'll have plenty left over to by extra for you! Sweet!


Style Cap with Tiffany Forde of A'Janae, Inc.

I'm so excited for today's style Cap. Tiffany Forde is not only one of my amazing makeup artists, I also had the honor of Coordinating her wedding earlier this year.

Isis: Well Lady...It's been a little while. Three months to be exact. I can't believe it's been that long since we worked together on your Wedding! Thanks for agreeing to be my first interview on Style Cap.

The rules are simple. I will ask you 7 questions to give our readers an idea of who you are and what you do. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...No pressure!

So, exactly how long have you been in the industry and how did you get started?

Tiffany: I have been in the industry about 6 years. I first got started in college doing makeup for fashion shows.

Isis: What is your most favorite part of your job?
Tiffany: That's favorite part is making people beautiful

Isis:What does a typical day in the office consist of?
Tiffany: know I don't work in an office. I'm on location so my "office" is wherever my Client is. For a model, it may be on a set or in a geographical location. For my Brides, the day may start where the Bride decides to get dressed and often ends at the reception site.

Isis: Ok Tiff, tell us an interesting fact about you that we may never have guessed.
Tiffany:Believe it or not, I was a cellist for 15 years

Isis:What is the one mistake clients often make when it comes to makeup?
Tiffany: Clients have a misconceived notion that makeup is supposed to wear like a mask and hide who they are. On your Wedding day, it's our job to make you LOOK beautiful and your job to feel your best. The last thing you want to do is look back at your Wedding pictures and not recognize the face on the page.

Isis: So give us the scoop. What do you see in terms of industry trends/predictions for 2008.
Tiffany:I won't share too much, but I will say that lashes are all the rage!!!

Isis: I always emphasize to my Clients that their day is all about their signature style and having an event that "oozes" just that. How do you define your "signature" style?
Tiffany: My personal signature style is sophisticated with a hint of creative expression!

Isis: Now for the easy part. Can you let our readers know where they can find you!
Tiffany: Sure! The name of the business is A'Janae ( aah-jah-nay) and you can find us on the web at

Isis: Thanks again Tiffany and give the new hubby my best.
Tiffany: Anytime. Thank you!


His Name is Brian

Brian Branch Price.

More often than you can imagine, I have been emailed and asked who "shot" the headshot on my website. His name is Brian Branch Price.

I've realized it's the shock value of seeing me in a dress. ( For those of you who don't know, this self-professed shopaholic is the PROUD owner of 200+ pairs of jeans!)Only Brian could get me "dolled" up (courtesy ofthe FABULOUS Cheryl Ann Wadlington of Evoleur Consultants) for a photo shoot at the Art Museum.

The shoot was so much fun. I'm not sure if it was the "superstar" feel of being followed by a photographer as people stared to see if I was a celebrity, or the laughs we shared watching hundreds of people repeatedly run up the Art Museum steps and do the "Rocky" stanze, but we had a blast!

Brian and I have worked events in the past and I really do adore him. This business certainly has it's perks!

Here are some of Brian's pictures from his recent trip to Africa. Lucky guy.


Something New

As we embark on a New Year and a new Wedding season, I've decided to add something New to the blog. It's called "Style cap". ( I SWEAR I didn't remember that the Style Network was using this term until AFTER I came up with it and well...I like it, so we'll just have to share!)

Every week I will set out to interview an event professional to illustrate their view of the business, tips & tricks to help you on your pursuit of the perfect party and insight to their signature style!

Hope you enjoy and look for "Style cap" soon.

I'm it!

I was tagged (yes, there is such a thing as blog tag)by Affairs with Elegance. I was also tagged by the Diva herself, Ms. Linnyette Richardson-Hall, so there's no running from it... Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1.My favorite day of the week is Wednesday. No particular reason, just is.
2.One of my favorite snacks is warm french fries with honey. Yes, pure honey.
3. Multiples run in my family. Twins are common and 3 years ago, we celebrated the arrival of our first set of triplets.
4.I've never lived and went to school or lived and worked in the same city.
5.I own 200 pairs of blue jeans. Yes, it's possible!
6.I come from an extremely close extended family. We travel together, go out together and no matter where we are, we spend every holiday with ATLEAST one other family member.
7.I still cry at every wedding.

Hate to do it but tag you're it:
Jen Capone Photography, Shayna Walker Wedle of Williamsburg Wedding Design, Meredith Sellers Tomasulo, Perfect Settings, Dana Romano Photography, Pink Cake Box, Scarlett Lillian


Couldn't have said it better if I tried

So I wont.

I read the most awesome blog post today from a great friend and fellow colleague, Shayna Walker Wedle of Williamsburg Design. Now Shayna and I are working on the 3 year mark of friendship and I'm honored to say I've been fortunate enough to work with her in beautiful Williamsburg,Virginia(DEFINITELY For lovers). I've also shared a room with her on an excursion to visit another fellow Coordinator, Kelly McWilliams of Weddings by Socialites, when we both hopped on planes(never actually meeting each other prior to that) to fly all the way to Florida to meet Kelly (who we also never met and only knew from and online forum) and at the annual 21st Century Nuptials seminar given by Lynnette Richardson-Hall... but as I read this post, I realize just how similarly we think.

Click here to read Do You Love them Thi$$$ much!

Great Job Shayna!


Farrah marries James

Every once in a while I meet a Bride and instantly know we are going to sync. Farrah was this Bride. From our initial meeting at the Trenton Marriott, I knew two things 1- across from me sat a couple who was very much in love and 2. This wedding was planned to the "t". The challenge... turning a 4000 square foot theatre style ballroom into an intimate NYC lounge with an adjoining 1200+ square foot stage/ dance floor to host a dessert reception for 300+ guests and a 13 person Bridal party.

"City, Lounge, Chic" were the buzzwords for the theme of this candlelit, all white reception. 8:00 pm was the start time of the evening, outdoor ceremony at the historic Trenton War Memorial. 100 + votives lit the pathway for Farrah to meet her new groom, James Gee, and the sky stayed clear for the couple to recite their vows. Afterwards, guests were treated to "Trenton Tea" as they made thier way into the white washed dessert reception complete with a lounge area for seating.

Thanks to all of the amazing Vendors who assisted in making this wedding an astounding success:

Reverand Buster Soires
Bella Pictures
Leigh Florist
DJ Kwest-TrentNBoyz


What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon...

then wine tasting at a beautiful vineyard right in your own backyard????

Ok... Buck's County is technically 40 minutes outside of my own personal yard space, but it is certainly close enough to home.

I spent this 40 degree day sipping wine at my new favorite place, Crossing Vineyards and Winery. Crossing vineyards is a beautiful, quaint winery located just off of 95 in Washington Crossing, PA.

My visit today was two-fold. #1- I was able to meet up with some old Coordinator friends (and a few new ones) and #2-I was able to increase my knowledge of wine. In this industry you quickly learn one thing, there is ALWAYS more to learn! So today, I took a refressher course, not so appropriately titled, "Wine Tasting for Dummies" (smile).

Now I've taken my fair share of wine courses and today's was by far my favorite. The tasting was led by Tom Carroll, Sr, who is downright hysterical! His humor and laid back personality definitely eased the air of the "snob" feeling often associated with wine and allowed the group to relax and learn he process involved in the appreciation of wine.

Here are a few interesting things I wanted to share for all of the newbies considering learning about wine:

1. You always want to smell your wine (keeping your head straight,tilt the glass and put your nose into the glass, so that the wine runs just below the tip of your nose) Swirl the wine (air oxidizes/ages the wine)and smell again-the intensity of the smell will increase.
2. When you sip wine, to highten your sense of smell, close your eyes (Go figure!)
3. The correct way to swirl if you are right handed i n counter clockwise, lefties you are to go the other way.
4. Three types of wine- Bone dry, Off dry (less than 3% sugar) and sweet
5. Reisling wine is perfect to pair with Thai, Indian, Mexican or any other spicy food-brings out the flavors of the dish
6. The date on the wine bottle is the year the grapes were GROWN.
7. White wine should be consumed 3-5 years from the date on the bottle, red is 5-8 (generally speaking)
8. The term "young" refers to newly bottled wine. The wine needs more bottle time, approximately 6 years.
9. Lastly, it is CRUCIAL to slurp taste your wine to get the true taste on your palette.

Now, being the charm school graduate I am, I found #9 to be the most challenging thing to do initially. Basically tilting my head forward and "gurgling" and then slurping and swallowing the wine, totally disturbed me! The purpose however, is to take in air as you sip and it really does work to change the taste in your mouth...and Tom Sr is right, in will not drip out of your mouth

If you're ever in the area, make sure to stop by Crossing Vineyards-it was truly an amazing experience. Even better-the Winery is able to host private events and accomodate up to 300 people!

So, to answer my own question...what better way is there to spend a Sunday afternoon then wine tasting and a beautiful vineyard right in your own backyard???? Doing so and calling it WORK!

Below is a picture from today with some of my Colleagues- from left to right Myself, Tanti Lina of Papertini, Deidre Grey of Always a Positive Image and Randi Martin of Always Fabulous Events

PS. When you visit, be sure to try the Wild Bery Original Series, Blush, Apple and the Reisling!


I pulled it off!

Tonight's dinner was the perfect end to a perfect Wedding season.

I'll be honest, pulling off a dinner for my team in 125 hours was no easy task, but the end result, I was very proud of.

The biggest challenge was deciding on a menu. With the holidays around the corner, I chose to avoid turkey and ham-At all cost! Instead, we opted for roasted chicken with vegetable stuffing, cranberry sauce with whole berries and orange zest, baked macaroni, sweet potatoes and vegetables. I lucked out on the caterer for the night-my sister (who is pursuing her passion in the catering world) eagerly volunteered to cook-MAJOR RELIEF. For the spring roll, coconut shrimp and meatball hor d'oeuvres, I enlisted the help of Andreottis' Vienesse Cafe in Cherry Hill, NJ. Desserts-brownies, cupcakes, miniature cherry cheesecake and cherry ganaches were complimented with cranberry Bellini's and completed the festive feel of the night.

For decor, I turned to my new favorite store Christmas Tree Shops. The gorgeous table centerpiece (complete with orchids, an apple and a christmas tree bulb) was compliments of my favorite florist Denise Herker of Leigh Florist

Place setting

Dinner (Sweet potato with marshmallow, macaroni, chicken, cranberries and veggies)

Godiva Truffle favor (these have been discontinued by the way), orchid and star ornament placecard holder

Floral Centerpiece


It was a real honor to me to be able to provide my staff with a home-cooked meal to say thank you. I truly believe I have the best team in the business, hearing from guests at almost EVERY wedding how wonderful my staff is is a testament to just how hard my team works in helping to make dreams come true.

Denise of Leigh Florist and Nanette

My assistant Nanette, Myself and the infamous Malakiea

Thank you ladies and here's to another season of laughter, love and POSH Events!


Captain's Log

In 20.5 hours I will be hosting my first annual POSH Holiday party. It's been quite a ride but I think I'll actually pull it off.

Menu cards-CHECK


So You Think you can PLAN?

I was honored when my very good friend and colleague, Deidre Gray of Always A Positive Image, LLC, asked for me to participate on a panel for her upcoming "Designed for Success" Wedding seminar. I was even more excited when I found out that another Colleague who I admire and have gotten to know over the last few years, Linnyette Richardson Hall of Premiere Event Management (aka the "DIVA" from Style Network's Whose Wedding Is It Anyway & Married Away) was announced as the Guest speaker. So excited that it just occurred to me... I forgot to share!

If you are interested in this wonderful, rewarding and insane profession of planning, regardless of if you are a student, novice or someone who's been in business a few years and needs a refresher, here's the perfect opportunity to obtain real world knowledge of the life of a Wedding Planner. From tricks of the trade to basic "how-to", the seminar is sure to offer something for everyone.

Best of all, from now until the end of the month, the cost of the seminar is reduced to just $175-(A total STEAL if you ask me!) Spaces are limited so be sure to reserve your seat soon.

To register and for more details, click here or contact 215.742.6717

Designed For Success!
Sheraton University City
36th & Market Streets
Philadelphia, PA
January 26, 2008
9:00 am-5:00 pm

Hope to see you there and be sure to say hello!


Why didn't anyone tell me...

About Christmas Tree Shops?!?!?!

I stepped one foot in that store and almost lost my mind! $50 later I am well on my way to planning Saturday's holiday party...

Table setting-CHECK!
Not bad for 24 hours...

4 days and counting.


Amazing Race!

Not the show (I never could fully follow along)...the race until this Saturday's holiday dinner. Who in their right mind decides mid Monday afternoon to host a dinner for their staff for the holidays 5 days before the date???

Your honor, that would be me!

It just occurred to me that my right hand and very talented Senior Assistant is off to Europe before the holiday and there's no way to have a "POSH" party, without her.

So, it's on...6 days,( make that 5) 4 guests of honor and their families, linens, place settings, a menu, favors... Did I mention a menu?

Creative minds-I need your help! Suggestions for where to go to make my "Crimson Kiss" theme a hit with limited time and a conservative budget? As my head spins, I'd love to hear your ideas


The Art of Presentation

Creating a signature style is all about paying attention to the "details" of the day. Any good Planner will tell you- the art of presentation involves more than just the visual appearance, presentation encompasses the stimulation of all five senses.

Although you may not be able to upgrade every element of your wedding, the little "touches" do make all the difference.

I found this curved serving set at one of my newest addictions (Click on the link and select room view for the full effect)

Just think how much more memorable cocktail hour would be with your servers offering hors d'euvres on these Fabulous trays or how impressed your guests will be at your next home based affair when the "spread" appears on these modular servers. The square tasting spoons.... just $.95. Maximum impact for very little money.

Love it!


Love it...

Ok, so I'm the first to admit that I am not the type of woman to "rattle some pots and pans" (I'll rattle them but food won't be the end product) but even I, LOVE this fabulous find I found during a blogroll (my apologies to the original writer, I can't remember which blog it was on) from Kitsch'n Glam

How cute are these?

Would this not be an awesome shower gift for the Bride-to-be that loves to work her magic in the kitchen? Fashion and Food...Even I can appreciate that!


Why we do what we do

Today I received the BEST thank you email. Actually, I received two...

My great couple from this Saturday, Jessica & Jeff both sent me thank you "notes" earlier today. I must admit, although I'm a real sap, the double take today caught me off guard. Working so closely together in a two month period, Jessica and I have definitely developed a friendship but the real kicker was the email I received from the Groom:

Hi Isis! I am great. It's funny, because everyone has asked me if I was nervous, and I say no. Alot of that is because I was so ready to marry Jessica, but it was also because I knew that everything was in good hands. You really did do an amazing job getting things set up for us, so that all we had to do was get dressed and enjoy being around our families and loved ones. You did such a wonderful job, and I will no doubt refer anyone I know in need of help to you and your staff. You really did make this such a memorable experience, and every single person who attended has gushed over how perfect it all was.

Once again, thank you!

Yup, makes it all worthwhile!


The Difference

I'm constantly contacted by Brides to be who ask a very valid question-"what makes you different?".

As my business has evolved, so has my answer.

When you initially enter this business (as in many), you value yourself by your certifications, the number of courses you've complete, the number of weddings, range of budgets, cultural weddings you've planned and locations you've travelled to. 5 years later, I realize that while my "resume" of events have expanded, what makes me different, are the principles by which POSH is operated.

I began this business because of my love of the industry and because I wanted to give a "voice" to couples whose Wedding did not necessarily "fit" the general mold of what a Wedding typically is. From Blue dresses to non-traditional locations, I'm proud to say we've covered it all.

What makes me different is my appreciation for the beauty of being unique and my determination to see to it that YOU have the day YOU've always dreamed of.

As you search for your Vendors, be sure to ask them what makes them different and don't settle for "stumbling"; hey if they don't know, then who would?


Giving Thanks

Today is the day that we all give thanks for so many of the blessings we've received throughout the year and throughout our life.

Here at POSH, we have had an amazing year and would like to give thanks to all of the wonderful couples and Clients, that have allowed us to be a part of their lives and their special day. We also say thank you to all of our Vendors that help us make it all look so EASY. Without you, we certainly could not pull off all of the amazing events we've had this season.

2007 has been an unforgettable year for me. I personally, would like to thank my "dream team"- Malakeia, Nanette, Tammy and Beverly of B'dazzle Events. I am truly blessed with some of the best Assistants in the business. The business changed names, but the dream has only grown.

I also give a huge THANK YOU to my "coordinator" family. You see, I am merely the face of this business. My staff and Vendors are my day of support, but I have an entire support system of Wedding Coordinators from around the globe who inspire, encourage and assist me through it all. They are my 2 am phone buddies, my sounding boards and over the years, they've become my extended family.

I am thankful for many things this year. Most importantly, on May 25th, I received the greatest blessing I've ever known. His name is Christian and he is truly the light of my life. Today was his first Thanksgiving and though he did not get to partake in the amazing feast prepared by his Auntie Sai, he did try mashed and sweet potatoes for the first time and loved it-go figure!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Not so black Friday!

Ok ladies (guys, you can pretend not to read),

If you're anything like me, this Friday will be full of walking, lugging and testing your patience and the comfort of your favorite pair of reliable sneakers.

To make your day just a little easier, I'm so happy to offer the black Friday Survival bag courtesy of our friends at King Of Prussia Mall.

The bag includes coupons for various "perks" of the day including complimentary chocolate, massages, fragrances and gift cards. Just click on this link, and fill out the brief questionnaire to receive your coupon for a complimentary survival tote for the day.

See you there!


Sweet Treat

Ok, so I know I've said it a million and one times, but I really do LOVE my job. I mean, what other job can you expense a trip to NY for the sole purpose of experiencing 40,000 square feet of chocolate indulgence???

Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend the 10th Annual Chocolate Show in my hometown of New York. As a die hard chocolate lover, I can appreciate the concept and the event was certainly no dissapointment!

I absolutely couldn't wait to get back and share pictures from the day. Mmmm, sweet indeed!

Yes ladies, how ideal is this! A wedding dress with chocolate accents...


I think i'm in love...

Overall, the experience was amazing and I'm sure I'll be back in 2008 to actually see the Fashion show take place. If you plan to attend next year, word to the wise- WILL CALL! The line at the show was literally 3 blocks long. We New Yorkers love a our sweets!


Wrap it Up!

Today's post is inspired by Mother Nature herself.

Maybe it's the insane temperature drop over the last 4 days or the holiday decorations that magically appear everywhere I look (where did those things come from?), but somehow my mind has moved from the beautiful scenery of the fall to the brrrr of the winter.

As a Bridal party member and more importantly the Bride to be, cold or not, wearing a "chunky" sweater (another item that has magically appeared at EVERY blink these days) is a major no-no. So...what are your options to maintain your sexy and gorgeous look and avoid a serious head cold?

My personal favorite fall/winter Wedding day accessory is the always reliable Pashmina. Why? #1 it's Cashmere, #2 the color options are amazing, #3 it's lightweight and easily transportable and even better is reason #4- you can wear it LONG after the wedding day is over.

If you're looking for your quick solution to the cold (or last minute bridesmaid gift) be sure to check out the selection at Amazing Collections. Super affordable and a great variety to choose from, the name says it all!


Don't Trash that Dress!

Planning your 2008 Nuptials and have yet to buy your dream gown? Well aren't you in luck! Here it is...the Top 5 Trends in Bridal Gowns according to

"5. New Lengths in Gowns -- tea length to above-the-knee, there was a
larger variety in gown lengths than ever before.

4. Emphasis of the Waist -- honoring the female form, there were lots of
large flower corsages positioned right at the hip to draw attention
to an hourglass figure.

3. Jackets/Sleeves -- brides who want options beyond the traditional
strapless gown are thinking more fashion-forward with gowns that
offer more coverage.

2. Color, Color, Color! -- beyond the traditional white dress, color is
not just seen in bursts but in wonderful patterns, rich jewel tones
or new shades of pastels.

And the #1 Trend in Bridal Dresses straight from the runway...(I've always wanted to do that) drum roll please....

1. A Lighter Touch -- lots of free-flowing, ethereal fabrics including
chiffon and organza with less embellishment, beading or other
adornments as in season's past."


A day at the Beach!

Dawn and Dave were by far one of my most FAVORITE couples of the season..Ok, truth be told, they're all my favorite (smile), but Dawn and Dave were married on the beach in beautiful Brigantine, NJ, so call me partial. What I loved most about Dawn and Dave's wedding however, was not the gorgeous beach skyline or the amazing flowers, my favorite part of the entire wedding was that it was sooo filled with love, you just couldn't help but smile.

The ceremony was a traditional Jewish ceremony under a chuppah carried by all of Dawn and David's closest relatives. The groom was escorted down the rose filled aisle by his parents to the sounds of violins, courtesy of Lucchi Strings. The Bride soon followed, escorted by her parents to the gasps of 40 of their closest family and friends as she entered from what seemed like an endless aisle of sand. The reception followed at a private estate with food catered by Betty The Caterer, dancing and laughter. It was gorgeous. It was intimate. It was so them.

I always encourage my couples to be true to themselves and have a wedding that is reflective of their style, their life and their love. Dawn and Dave were the perfect example.

Check out some photos from the couple's gorgeous ceremony courtesy of the AMAZING Paula Cella. Paula is certainly a master of her craft and picking a favorite shot was so hard to do. Check out the gallery section of our website for additional pictures...

Thanks again for letting us be a part of your day Dawn! I soooo miss our daily chats.


The Secret

I have a little confession- After all of these years, I still cry at every single wedding. When... Now that changes.

With some Brides, it's the moment I fluff their veil for their entrance, others it's during the couple's reciting of their vows and if any semblance of "Ave Maria" is within the program, you can forget it!

BUT, truth be told, that's not my favorite part of the wedding. My favorite moment of the entire day is the minute the groom's eyes make contact with his wife to be as she walks down the aisle to begin their new life together. In this moment, you can see all the love this man has for his new wife; how much he appreciates her, respects her, adores her and is willing to sacfrice. In that one moment, short enough to blink your way through, the "secret" to love and committment is revealed. By far, my absolute favorite part of the night!


Will you be my wife?

Jessica and Jeff are our last couple for the 2007 Wedding season and they are certainly one of my favorites! Jessica came to me just 5 weeks ago and in that time, we've planned her & Jeff's ENTIRE November 24th wedding.

Working so closely with Jessica has been a great experience as her and hubby to be know exactly what they like (and what they don't). With a dream team of amazing vendors for their "intimate, classy and fabulous" wedding the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we're all set to go!

I was so excited today when I opened my inbox and found the link to their incredible engagement pictures, courtesy of my extremely talented and hilarious "Philadelphia connect" Jen Capone of Jen Capone Photography. Now you tell me, "ain't love grand?"