The Secret

I have a little confession- After all of these years, I still cry at every single wedding. When... Now that changes.

With some Brides, it's the moment I fluff their veil for their entrance, others it's during the couple's reciting of their vows and if any semblance of "Ave Maria" is within the program, you can forget it!

BUT, truth be told, that's not my favorite part of the wedding. My favorite moment of the entire day is the minute the groom's eyes make contact with his wife to be as she walks down the aisle to begin their new life together. In this moment, you can see all the love this man has for his new wife; how much he appreciates her, respects her, adores her and is willing to sacfrice. In that one moment, short enough to blink your way through, the "secret" to love and committment is revealed. By far, my absolute favorite part of the night!

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