Nila Says...Favors are a favorite.

The invitations have been sent out, the dress has arrived and all the orders have been placed. Are you forgetting anything? As you try to go down the list, detail per detail, you remember that one main part of the wedding has been forgotten. The favors!! You might be asking yourself; do we really need them, how can something so small be such a significant detail to this wedding? Well believe it or not, this small little piece of the puzzle, is what places the finishing touches to such an amazing night. Favors are a simple and significant treat you hand out at the end of the night to all your guests. It is your small token of appreciation.
A wedding itself is a spectacular event that many unite to celebrate. For the most part, the food, dancing and joy of this special night is more than enough. Favors for that matter do not have to overpower the event. Something simple is all you need.

Strawberries from Ashley Cakes

When ordering party favors make sure to keep a few things in mind.
- Order amount per household. You never want to order more than the guest list.
- Party favors are for guests to have a memory of your special night. Remember to place the date of your wedding along with your name and you’re significant others name on the favor.
Remember to keep it simple:
Some ideas:
- CD with the bride and grooms favorite song
- Chocolates with packaging that contains bride and grooms name and date of wedding
- Candles
- Customized cookies with date and names
- If weddings are themed, make arrangements so that your favors go along with the theme.
o Beach Theme:
- Small seashells with name and date imprinted in them
- Cookies shaped into seashells or other beach related objects
- Small treasure boxes filled with chocolate coins

There are thousands of small creations one can put together. These are just a few ideas you might want to consider. Remember that creativity and simplicity are key factors to wedding favors!


Be back soon

We just wanted to take a moment to say although we haven't been very active on the blog of late, we will definitely be back soon. We suffered a very personal loss over the past week and have spent time in the comfort of loved ones.

We are definitely looking forward to getting back to all things weddings with fabulous updates, great finds and more from "Nila says" this week so stay tuned, it will definitely be worth the wait.


Nila Says...Location, Location, Location

Every girls dream wedding begins with the thoughts of the perfect flower arrangements and the perfect dress. These are just some of the small details that are imprinted in our minds when fantasizing about our perfect night. Once our fantasy becomes a reality, we must acknowledge the more in-depth preparations. Wedding locations, for one, are the main but most tedious part of planning a wedding. Many questions such as; will all my guests fit, will the location accommodate my entire guest list or will I even be able to stay within my budget, may begin to develop in one’s mind. Well, have no worries, for the next couple of weeks I will help you answer all those questions and supply you with ideas and details on wedding venues that will make your dream wedding a reality.

First and foremost, when starting out with your location, the first thing you might want to think about is your theme. What kind of wedding are you having? - A traditional wedding where many locations can accommodate you? A beach wedding, where only chairs and a few decorations might be needed? A location can change the complete theme of your wedding. For instance, let’s focus on a beach wedding for today.

Things you might want to consider:

For the most part all we need for a beach wedding is a perfect ocean view, sand and great weather! There are thousands of beaches all around the world and many options you might want to consider.

Step 1: Choose the area where the beach you favor is located.
-There are beaches all over New Jersey. Some beaches are private and some aren’t. For the most part, you might want to reserve a location where others will not be interrupting.
-Keeping this in mind, take a walk around the local area. In areas where beaches are located you may be entitled to find a nice location for your reception.

Step 2: Budget
-Private beaches will amount to a cost. Remember to consider that you will be paying for the reservation on the beach, seating, location and site arrangements. If the price is too much, don’t be scared to continue to look around for more options. Remember the sky is the limit! Don’t settle for less!

Step 3: Reserve it
-If you have found the perfect beach, reserve it. It is important that once you have found what you want and it fits all your requirements, you reserve it immediately. Once the place is reserved, you have set the date and you can now move on to the next step in your dream wedding!

Introducing Nila

At the close of 2008, I gave you guys a sneak peek into the POSH future. With the expansion of our services to offer more design ("Touches") packages, grew the need to grow our internal staff as well.

A few months ago, I received an email from the most bubbly candidate I'd come across in a long time. Her name was Nila, and instantly I knew this girl was different. After a face to face and countless conversations, I was excited to bring her aboard.

Nila will be our new intern for the 2009 wedding season. She hails from Rowan University and...well, I will let her tell you more about herself.

Introducing Nila!


Hello everyone! My name is Nila del Rio and I am a senior at Rowan University. I am currently majoring in Public Relations and hoping to become a wedding planner after I graduate. I am an eternal optimist, who you will always find smiling. I believe every day is a new day and with each experience we learn something new. I have always admired and appreciated the thoughtful and creative process it takes to put a wedding together. I have participated in many, ranging from the flower girl to the bride’s maid; sometimes I feel like Jane from “27 Dresses”! Each experience I’ve had has been breathtaking. In these next few months I will have the opportunity to intern and work both behind and in front of the scenes and I am excited and confident that I will gain knowledge throughout my time at Posh Events.

Nila will be starting a new weekly series on the blog entitled "Nila Says..." so please be sure to show her lots of cyber love!


We've been selected

It's been quite the adventure returning from the Special Event in San Diego to the east coast and the office. Imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox this morning and was delighted to see that WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, just announced that we were selected to receive the 2009 Bride’s Choice Awards™!

2009 Bride's Choice Awards presented by WeddingWire | Wedding Cakes, Wedding Venues, Wedding Photographers & More

In its inaugural year, the Bride’s Choice Awards recognizes and honors vendors from the WeddingWire Network that demonstrate excellent quality of service, responsiveness, professionalism, value of cost and flexibility. This year’s recipients represent the top three percent of WeddingWire’s vendor community, which includes over 100,000 wedding vendors from across the US. That means {Enter Your Business Name} is one of the very best {Enter Your Category}.

Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the company, the Bride’s Choice Awards are determined exclusively by recent newlyweds through surveys and reviews.

“We are excited to launch this annual award program to honor high-performing vendors based solely on the experiences of our WeddingWire community,” according to Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. “This year’s recipients have set the bar high, exhibiting excellent service and expertise in the wedding industry.”

I'm so fortunate to work in an industry I love, with Clients I adore. Weddingwire is one of the few websites in which Brides can post their vendor reviews, real time and unscripted. As part of our growth process, we request that our Brides and grooms complete the survey upon their return from their honeymoon, because afterall, how can we strive to be the best without honest feedback? In it's initial phase, vendors listed on the website were based on the merit of the reviews received. Over time, Weddingwire has offered the opportunity to pay for advancement in the rankings, however, we have chosen to remain true to the original concept and let the viewers see for themselves the value that our past Clients have found in allowing us to be a part of such an important day.

It's such an honor to see that our couples feel the same about POSH as we feel about them!

Happy Tuesday.