Arielle married Kevin

During the candlelit Friday night ceremony, under the gorgeously constructed Chuppah, even the Cantor couldn't help but make mention of the couple's Yankees/Mets rivalry and their common bond through sports. Chuckles could be heard throughout the audience of 140 of the couple's closest friends and family.

Anyone who knew Arielle & Kevin knew that this union was destined. Within 5 minutes of my initial meeting with the couple, we were all laughing and exchanging stories. It was obvious to me, they truly did complete each other. I was honored to be a part of this special couple's special day.

Arielle and Kevin exchanged vows this past Friday at The Rockleigh Country Club in Rockleigh, NJ. From the beginning of the vows until the end of the night, guests truly partied the night away, just as Arielle & Kevin wished. At the reception, guests were wowed with what were seriously the most beautiful centerpieces I've ever seen and the masterpieces of Amaryllis Decorators. The dance floor stayed packed the entire evening, complete with the Traditional Jewish horrah, compliments of the sounds of Sumar Entertainment. As though that wasn't enough, shortly after the cake cutting, guests were invited to what I jokingly refer to as the "2nd reception", a Viennese display sure to knock your socks off!

Below are a few shots we were able to take.ofessional pictures soon to follow, compliments of MarioMichele Studios.

Ceremony entrance and escort cards


Imagine, this is only one of atleast 12 displays! Guests entered the room and literally shrieked "oh my goodness"

Congratulations Arielle & Kevin!



I always knew my son would grow up in the world of weddings. When your parent's relationship began at a wedding and your mom has a passion for planning, it's inevitable that you become a part of the industry at a very young age.

Today Christian played his first role in a wedding, as a guest. If I must say so myself, he did a fabulous job!


Happy Anniversary Tiffany & Raymond

Happy 1 year anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Forde!

Tiffany & Raymond exchanged nuptials one year ago today in front of 230 of their closest family and friends at Abundant Life Fellowship Church. The reception followed shortly thereafter at McGuire AirForce base where guests partied the night away.

We were hired for Day-of Coordination services, but played a very active part in assisting the couple with design choices and selection of attire for their 12 Bridesmaids (this is where my obsession with Jim Hjelm first began). Over the course of the 6 months of planning, Tiffany and I became extremely close as we not only shared stories of her planning, we also shared stories of planning weddings in general as Tiffany is an awesome makeup artist and owner of Ajanae, Inc.

Tiffany, you were a wonderful Client and have been a great colleague and friend since the conclusion of your wedding. I am so very proud of you and it's been a joy to work with you on other projects. I wish you and Raymond a lifetime of love, laughter and joy!


babycakes love!

NewWebCover, originally uploaded by Poshevents.

Someone pinch me. I must be dreaming!

Refined sugar free, gluten free, soy free, vegan...desserts. Not just any desserts, I'm talking cupcakes,cookies,brownies and pies that look as delectable as they taste!

Babycakes NYC, the brainchild of Erin Mckenna, is a full service bakery specializing in gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and soy free products. Featured in the media in magazines such as "O, Elegant Bride,InStyle, Modern Bride and House & Garden" these sweet treats have pleasured the taste buds of vegans and non-vegans alike.

Best of all, we're fortunate enough to have the bakery right here in our backyard in my hometown of New York City. If you're not local however, no worries, they do deliver.

Menu planning is often a challenge when you have a couple where one of the partners follows a strict eating regime. As a relative of a strict vegan, and a Coordinator who has had her fair share of the "food talk" with our couples, I certainly understand. What a wonderful way to infuse a vegan aspect into your special event and show your better half that you are making an effort to recognize how important their beliefs are to you. Compromising over brownies, gotta love it!


The Truth about Weddings and cash

One of the first items I discuss with Clients at our initial meeting is the budget. Not the "dream number" but the actual and realistic amount of money you expect to have AVAILABLE at least 1 month prior to the wedding.(We utilize 1 month prior to your ceremony date,because most of your wedding related expenses will be due in full between 14-30 days prior to the wedding, not on the day of). Based on the figure provided, we compile a planning budget inclusive of everything wedding related, down to the cost of stamps (3 sets)and gratuity. This budget gives us clear path towards a target for spending and a basis by which to select vendors.

So here it is. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth...

Weddings are not cheap. If you do not have a realistic budget in the beginning, you are more likely than not to drown in not only wedding related debt, but stress induced headaches. As your planner, there is little we can do to convince your Vendors to perform as contracted, if you do not comply with the payment terms per your agreement. Make that nothing. There is nothing we can do.

As of late, I've witnessed many couples scrambling at the 2 week mark to "find" $5,000to pay vendors "x,y,x", when they should be relaxing in anticipation of their upcoming nuptials.

Here's my advice.

If you've already begun planning your wedding festivities, somewhere around the 1/2 way point, reassess the initial budget. At this point, there are still changes you can make to prevent running into problems closer to the actual date. Speak to the individuals you believe are contributing to the wedding expenses, and have an honest and open conversation regarding their understanding of exactly what they plan to contribute financially. If you've contracted the services of a professional Coordinator, now is the time to also have a heart-to-heart and discuss where you are on the savings end of the budget, and where you see yourself over the next few months so that the necessary "adjustments" can be made and you can stay on track. After all, there's nothing worse than having the DJ threatening to walk out mid-reception for your failure to pay. (Ask me how I know)


My Buddy

Well...more like my pal. Gal-Pal.

I'm often asked what 1 item I could not live without in my emergency kit on the day of and although my Tide Stick is certainly my #1 must have, gal-pal is a close runner up. If you are not familiar with the product, prepare to be amazed!

Gal Pal, or the miracle in the pouch as I lovingly refer to it, is the "fastest simplest way to remove annoying white deodorant streaks from clothing". The circular pink pad instantly buffs away deodorant marks, DRY, so you do not need to use a wet washcloth which invetibly makes an even bigger mess. I love Gal Pal because it has saved me countless times for our bridesmaids and their Taffeta silhouttes. White deodarant, toffee taffetta...not cute!

Even better, the "pals" are also reusable, giving you approximately 10 - 15 uses per side and may be purchased at any number of retailers (we usually buy our supply from the Container store which gives us yet another excuse to go in that heavenly space!).

Happy shopping!


Stirling Ridge

Like Music to my ears.

Stone House at Stirling Ridge is a PHENOMINAL restaurant with a banquet facility that is simply amazing. I'm fortunate to be able to work with Rebecca Ciraco and her staff at our Wedding this Saturday, and am certainly excited to do so.

Guests arrive at the venue, are met by the Valet, and instructed to walk the stone laid path to the side of the facility, to witness the couple's nuptials under a covered patio with a view of a stone wall adorned by candles. After the ceremony, they are invited to mix and mingle during cocktail hour which is setup in the facilities indoor modern lounge area and outside space complete with a firepit and fountain area.

After cocktail hour, the guests make their way into the ballroom complete with walls of windows, hardwood flooring, chivari chairs and all the modern elements that alone will make your guests say "wow", upon entering.

Not getting married soon, no fear. The Stone House is a fully functioning restaraunt, complete with a bar/lounge area just as beautiful as the space itself (and the cocktails are mmm tasty!!).

If you're in the central new jersey area and looking for event space, be sure to check out Stone House @ Stirling Ridge and tell them I said hello!


Blue Tulip comes home

As though we need another reason to shop!

Blue Tulip recently opened it's newest location in Cherry Hill, approximately 5 minutes from our office! I made a trip over to the store earlier this week and can I just say, kid in a candy store!!!! As always, there is quite an array of invitations and stationary options to choose from and the sales staff is very knowlegeable and always willing to assist.

The new store is located at the recently rennovated Garden State Parkway plaza and the address is

Town Place at Garden State Park
941 Haddonfield Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Happy Shopping!