My Buddy

Well...more like my pal. Gal-Pal.

I'm often asked what 1 item I could not live without in my emergency kit on the day of and although my Tide Stick is certainly my #1 must have, gal-pal is a close runner up. If you are not familiar with the product, prepare to be amazed!

Gal Pal, or the miracle in the pouch as I lovingly refer to it, is the "fastest simplest way to remove annoying white deodorant streaks from clothing". The circular pink pad instantly buffs away deodorant marks, DRY, so you do not need to use a wet washcloth which invetibly makes an even bigger mess. I love Gal Pal because it has saved me countless times for our bridesmaids and their Taffeta silhouttes. White deodarant, toffee taffetta...not cute!

Even better, the "pals" are also reusable, giving you approximately 10 - 15 uses per side and may be purchased at any number of retailers (we usually buy our supply from the Container store which gives us yet another excuse to go in that heavenly space!).

Happy shopping!

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Eliana@BYSE said...

I am going to have to look for this.