You've Got Mail

This morning as I'm getting ready for the Wedding of Jen & Scott this evening and putting finishing touches on last minute prep (ie. lugging the HUGE emergency kit to into the trunk of my coupe, I received an email from Chelsea of Blue Line Style.

Now usually wedding morning emails are not answered until the next business day, but this one had me jumping like a child in a candy store. Chelsea sent me sneak peak of the wedding pictures from Carmen & Sebastian's wedding last month...let me tell you, she certainly didn't dissapoint!

Be sure to check out the photo gallery on our website within the next week for additional detail shots of the wedding!


Favour of a Reply-1

"Dear Isis,

I know you're probably really busy planning events and have very little time to answer questions, however, I love your blog and I read it daily and finally decided to press my luck. I'm an invitation designer in Los Angeles California and several months ago I decided to launch ** Events. I've successfully planned social events for friends and family for many years and I decided to give it a go but I'm not sure how to promote my business. Can you help? I know you're on the other side of the world but who says you can't mentor from the other side of the world (smile). What do you think?"

Dymeesha, Los Angeles, California

Hi Dymeesha,

Thanks for the blog love!

My best advice is to immerse yourself in all things "events". If you know your particular focus (weddings, corporate, meetings, etc...) a good place to start would be to look into educational opportunities. By taking an industry related course, not only can you benefit from the knowledge you'll acquire, you can put yourself in a position to meet some of your peers. It's really important as you're building your business to develop a network of individuals, professionally, that want to see you succeed and understand your "plight".

Once you learn the industry and develop a game plan for how you're going to "attack" your new venture, begin to attend networking events. The only way people are going to know you, is to see you. Begin to network and introduce yourself and your new business to your industry colleagues and really try to build your brand.

Hope this helps and best wishes with your new venture!

The Favour of a Reply

I receive countless emails and private messages from loyal blog readers who are too shy to post requests to the blog. First, I'm very humbled by how dedicated many of you are to reading. When I started my blog, I thought "hmmm, if nothing else, I know my family will read" and now I have colleagues, former Brides, potential Brides and vendors alike that tune in on a regular basis, just to check into my world "behind the scenes". For that I'm a grateful beyond words.

Although I do try really hard to respond to email, with it being busy season and the nature of my hectic life, I just can't. So, in fairness to all, I've decided to start a new weekly series entitled...

"The favour of a reply"

Each week I will post a reply to one of the questions I receive right here on the blog.

Here are the rules:
1. Cardinal rule of this industry is that you can't be shy. If you want to know something, you'll need to speak up. That being said, requests must be made as a "comment" on the previous weeks "Favour of a Reply". Questions sent via email will be disregarded.
2. Request must state your name, city and state
3. One entry per person per week.

Those are the rules. Please remember to be patient as I will try to get to all of your questions and now that I've open the doors, come on in!


A new spin on an Old favorite

Though traditionally used within the Jewish faith, we have found more and more couples utilizing the Chuppah to beautify their ceremony space. The Chuppah represents a Jewish home symbolized by the cloth canopy and the four poles. This "home" initially lacks furniture as a reminder that the basis of the home is the people within it, not the possessions.

The picture above is a gorgeous Chuppah that was constructed by my very good friend and phenomenal Florist, Denise Herker of Leigh Florist. What I love most about this Chuppah is that it is not only such a magnificent focal point, it is the perfect mix of traditional and classic, with the mix of the pottery, flowers and delicate fabric.

Many couples also choose to have the Chuppah carried by the attendants of to the ceremony as was done in Dawn and Dave's Wedding. If you are looking to have a traditional Chuppah constructed, please do give Denise a call.


A firmer you

Brides, I can certainly relate to the "push" to get your body into perfect shape for your big day. I've spent the last 2 days on the HUNT for the perfect bathing suit... I'm still searching and needless to say, still frustrated

Although my time is limited to pre-boarding of my flight on Friday evening, you do have an option- Velocity Fitness!

Velocity Fitness is an innovative program exclusively at Velocity Sports Performance! If you are serious about your workouts and want real results by your wedding day, this is the program for you. Their challenging curriculum allows you to move at your own pace in a semi-private setting.

Even better, they are currently running a promotion for 2 free weeks of unlimited semi-private training and an exclusive training for you and your bridal party to get into the perfect shape.

With a slogan like "Make Fit Happen", how can you go wrong?


Double Standard

(Philadelphia skyline at night)

It's only 8 am and it's been a busy morning. Actually, it's been a busy week. Year. Ok, ok...

Anyhow, I have a day packed full of errands across the water (Philadelphia) and on my drive into Center City this morning, as I cruised down Route 30, over the Ben Franklin Bridge, inevitably trying to beat the clock and get to my favorite $11/before 5pm "discounted" garage, imagine my surprise when I looked in my rear view and saw...

A MAN getting dressed! Brushing hair, buttoning shirt, tying necktie; full on change session.

As I saw the strange man and realized that he too must be racing time, I had to smile. I couldn't help but think if he were a "she" doing what "we" normally tend to do (makeup, cellphone, texting, eating, quieting children), someone not too far behind would be pointing a finger and reprimanding this terrible behavior. But instead, like most, I just looked on and dismissed.

Life is full of double standsards. Some are worth the fight, and others barely worth the time. Take every opportunity to try to view life from a positive perspective, soak in your surroundings and see the world through a different "set" of eyes.

I needed a smile this morning and at that brief mandated stop, certainly had my fair share.

Happy Thursday!


Johann married Mark Anthony

This past Thursday in an outdoor ceremony in Hazlet, NJ with 180 of their closest friends, Johann married the love of her life Mark Anthony.

What I loved most about this wedding in particular, is that the couple kept to their minimalistic theme with candlelight centerpieces, and allowed the Tiffany blue color scheme and nature to work their magic...and magic indeed it was. Although the forecast called for showers, the couple was blessed with clear skies for their evening ceremony. Gea's Florist decorated the gazebo with lightweight fabric swags and rose pedals greeted the Bride down her cobblestone aisle. The couple participated in a traditional ceremony and added a unity candle ceremony as well as "jumping the broom".

Guests were welcomed into cocktail hour by the sound of a Steel-pan drummer, which was a perfect infuse of the couple's Jamaica and Trinidadian roots. The dance floor was kept packed throughout the night by the sounds of DJ Kerry from Supernova DJ.

The couple choose to take pictures before the ceremony which allowed us to spend some time at Sandy Hook Beach prior to the ceremony. (Side note: The party ride shuttle bus ROCKED!) Sand, onlookers and sandals...need I say more?

I'll miss you Johann & Mark Anthony. Enjoy Barcelona and your cruise of the Mediterranean!

Will share professional pics soon.


Order in the Court!

With the size of bridal parties increasing at what seems like an exponential rate these days, I thought it only fitting to give a little advice to help couples "rally their troops".

While the members of your Bridal party may have the best of intentions, it's quite common that when they get together for the rehearsal, chatter between family members and long time friends, will overtake any directions given that day.

To avoid potential chaos at what should be a 60 minute rehearsal, here are a few tips:

Prior to wedding day, assemble a Bridal party contact information sheet with the names of the Bridal party members, role in the Wedding, cell phone/contact phone numbers and email addresses. This worksheet will definitely come in handy on the day of the Wedding to give to your Day Of Coordinator, or your "person in charge"
for the day.

Approximately 1 month before the wedding, send an email to the bridal party giving a brief synopsis of the major events leading up to the wedding. In it, include the contact information for your "go to person" and request that going forward, all questions are directed to them. This will allow some of the common "stressers" to be alleviated so that you and your fiance can concentrate on your wedding ceremony (and honeymoon).

Two weeks before the wedding, send a follow-up email to the bridal party of the actual details of the day. In it, include items such as:

Attire pickup information and times. Remind BP to check out all their attire inclusions to assure everything fits.

Rehearsal date, time, location and address. Request that your bridal party arrive atleast 15 minutes prior to the rehearsal start time.

Rehearsal dinner date, time, location and address. Bring a hardcopy of directions to the rehearsal to hand out afterwards.

Bridesmaids dressing location. Include notation for information on directions for hair/makeup start times. If Bridesmaids are not getting hair and makeup done together, directions on arrival to site time and that they should come dressed and prepared for pictures.

Groomsmen dressing locations and arrival time.

Transportation information-This can be broad. Just a quick reminder to let people know what time transportation will be arriving.

You also want to include a reminder to the Bridal party to eat. This may sound pretty obvious, but with the excitement of Wedding day, along with the hectic schedules that typically follow, many people simply forget.

Lastly, a sincere thank you for everyone's participation and another gentle reminder of who the "go to" person is going forward and viola, good to go!

If you have a Day Of Coordinator, this service will typically be part of thier service inclusions and I can tell you after years in the business, it definitely works!