Double Standard

(Philadelphia skyline at night)

It's only 8 am and it's been a busy morning. Actually, it's been a busy week. Year. Ok, ok...

Anyhow, I have a day packed full of errands across the water (Philadelphia) and on my drive into Center City this morning, as I cruised down Route 30, over the Ben Franklin Bridge, inevitably trying to beat the clock and get to my favorite $11/before 5pm "discounted" garage, imagine my surprise when I looked in my rear view and saw...

A MAN getting dressed! Brushing hair, buttoning shirt, tying necktie; full on change session.

As I saw the strange man and realized that he too must be racing time, I had to smile. I couldn't help but think if he were a "she" doing what "we" normally tend to do (makeup, cellphone, texting, eating, quieting children), someone not too far behind would be pointing a finger and reprimanding this terrible behavior. But instead, like most, I just looked on and dismissed.

Life is full of double standsards. Some are worth the fight, and others barely worth the time. Take every opportunity to try to view life from a positive perspective, soak in your surroundings and see the world through a different "set" of eyes.

I needed a smile this morning and at that brief mandated stop, certainly had my fair share.

Happy Thursday!

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