Get in shape girl

It never fails. Be it a Bride or any other day when you're a regular woman trying your best to lose those 5/10 extra pounds.

We've all said it.

I'm going to start this (fill in the blank) diet tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and goes and the desire to start the diet passes with the time and before you know it, it's 3 weeks before the "big day" and you just don't have the time.

Then came spanx.

Spanx has been a lifesaver to many. The problem with spanx, is that on your wedding day when you slip out of your gorgeous gown, the last thing you want your husband to see is all the "wrapping" that has your size 8 seemlesly looking like a size 4.
The problem was,they just weren't sexy...until now.

Introducing Haute Contour! Or, what I affectionally refer to as the sexy girl's solution to fabulous wedding essentials. Haute Contour allows you to look slim, with the assistance of shaping material accentuated with lace.

Looking fabulous on your wedding night AND starvation diet avoided.

Love it!


Nila Says...You're Invited

Detail, detail, detail! Many brides question small details and information when it comes to invitations. Questions such as what color, style or design should I use? How far in advanced should I send my invitation out to have enough time for a response? Do I need anything else in the envelope aside from the actual invitation? In the next “Nila says…” the topic of choice will be invitations! I will guide you in choosing the perfect look by giving you some hints to help guide you towards that perfect invitation!

Before you begin make sure the following steps have been taken:

Confirm with locations!
- Before you choose your invitations, make sure you have confirmed with all location sites (church, halls and reception hall) date and time! You want to make sure you have everything set to go before you send out your invitations.
- RSVP’s are always going to be inserted with the invitation. Make sure you place the order for your RSVP when placing your order for invitations. You will most likely have this done at the same time! RSVP’s will be returned to you with the amount of guest per household. This will give you a set amount of how many guests will be attending.
- Remember not everyone is coming from local or familiar areas. You want to keep in mind that someone if not everyone will need directions to all locations. When confirming with your locations, make sure you ask for directions. Small inserts that match your invitations can be placed in the envelope to inform all your guests.
Other accommodations
- In many weddings people are coming from all different parts of the state or country. Keep in mind not everyone will have a place to stay if they are traveling from far distances. In a case such as this one, hotel accommodations are a necessity. Take the time to research hotels near or around the area your ceremony is located. Hotels are more than willing to guide you with information regarding discounts that may be available. Insert a small card in your invitation that will inform guests of such possibilities.

Now that you have what you need on an invitation and in the envelope, remember they must be sent out one- two months prior to your wedding date. This will give you plenty of time to count the amount of guest and confirm one last time with your location.

Now the big step...choosing the invitation! An invitation is something you want to keep simple and related to the style of your wedding. Choose something that is complimentary to the colors and theme of your wedding. Also, be mindful of the shape of the invitation and how best to personalize so your invitation to be a reflection of you. Remember, your invitation will set the "tone" for your guests and give them a sneak peak of what's to come. Be creative, be fun and most of all, select something you LOVE. After all, first impressions are oh so important.



Wedding Salon-March 23, 2009

I just love the Wedding Salon. If you are a bride and have not been to one of these events, take my word for it, it is certainly a must see.

Need some incentive? Easy enough!

If you look at the very bottom of the invitation there is a code. When you call to confirm, provide that code and presto...it's free. Now tell me who doesn't like free?

(Click on the image to view in a larger view)



Whirlwind Weekend

Hello bloggers. I'm BAAAAACCCKKKK!

I've missed the blog so much. I truly appreciate all the support/emails and personal phone calls I received during the last few weeks; it's definitely helped with the healing process. In the meantime, we've been working on so much at POSH, there will be lots of changes to announce over the next few weeks so certainly stay tuned for more.

This weekend I had the privelege to speak at the Designed for Success workshop hosted by Deidre Gray of Always a Positive Image. It's so funny; after years in the business, I'm always amazed to realize that you truly never stop learning. My fellow colleagues and presenters not only showed up, they "showed out" and the attendees gave the workshop rave reviews. It is truly an honor to be able to share the knowledge I've acquired from some of the industry's finest, with aspiring and established Wedding Coordinators. After 2 consecutive years of presenting, I must admit, I have a bit of an itch of my own to teach. I'm just wondering what the attendance would be from my fellow colleagues. Hmmm...

I've been promised photos of the spectacular event so I'll be sure to share. Hope everyone had a wonderful week and I look forward to making up for lost time