Get in shape girl

It never fails. Be it a Bride or any other day when you're a regular woman trying your best to lose those 5/10 extra pounds.

We've all said it.

I'm going to start this (fill in the blank) diet tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and goes and the desire to start the diet passes with the time and before you know it, it's 3 weeks before the "big day" and you just don't have the time.

Then came spanx.

Spanx has been a lifesaver to many. The problem with spanx, is that on your wedding day when you slip out of your gorgeous gown, the last thing you want your husband to see is all the "wrapping" that has your size 8 seemlesly looking like a size 4.
The problem was,they just weren't sexy...until now.

Introducing Haute Contour! Or, what I affectionally refer to as the sexy girl's solution to fabulous wedding essentials. Haute Contour allows you to look slim, with the assistance of shaping material accentuated with lace.

Looking fabulous on your wedding night AND starvation diet avoided.

Love it!

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