It's the last post of the year and I'll be honest, I've started and stopped this one quite a few times. I struggled a bit finding the exact words to describe what an incredible year 2008 has been for me.

When I started my career I had no idea the business would be what it is today. On the surface I think it looks easy. It should. The truth however, is that to be good in this industry, you internalize the pressures of others-clients, vendors, families. Raising the bar is something that is consistent. Accepting the challenge of being better with every event is as well.

Professionally '08 proved to be phenomenal. We were featured in more publications than ever before, blessed with new found professional relationships, the blog has been a success and POSH developed from more than just a new name, it has become a brand and one that I'm proud to own.

Personally, I have been blessed beyond measure with a family that amazes me everyday. A son that continues to exceed my expectations and a support system that makes every day possible.

And yet on the last day of 2008, many, many, many blog posts after the first, I just can't find the words to recap my year so I'll borrow those listed on the home page of my website:

"I wake up every day in love with so many aspects of my life. POSH represents the evolution of my passion, the success of doing what I know I do best. I've been fortunate enough to have been mentored by some of the "best" in their fields; people who have encouraged me and taught me that it is ok to "not be the norm". I, in turn, encourage my Clients to think outside the box and have an event they wish they could relive every day. I am truly honored that so many individuals have entrusted me with the biggest days of their lives."

So thank you all for another great season. For every blog post and email offline letting me know i've inspired you in some way and from our family to yours, have a happy, healthy and safe New Year!


It's a wrap!

This past Saturday we coordinated our last wedding of the season for Sheilla & Michael. The couple were married at St Joan of Arc with a quaint reception at Little Mill Country Club immediately following.

I love winter weddings!

Being a winter baby myself, there is something so romantic about cuddling up and nestling under layers of fabric, near the one you love. Being warmed by a fireplace, to the likes of smooth romantic music and the scent of cinnamon. mmmmm....

Saturday mother nature played a bit of trick on us however with unseasonably warm weather and the sun that just wouldn't quit. Sheilla & Michael received the ultimate wedding gift from the Weather Gods, a beautiful, warm, December day.

I'm so excited to share pictures taken by the uber amazing Rob Medina of Medina Photography. Until then, here is one of my favorite engagement shots captured of the couple. To me it illustrates that Love truly is enough to warm any soul.



Tis the season

As we celebrate the holiday season, we wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family a safe, happy and healthy holiday. Remember to laugh a little harder, smile a little brigther and say "I love you" to those who matter the most.

We are preparing for the wedding of Sheila and Michael, our last of the season and looking forward to another wonderful wedding.

Enjoy and be safe!



Keep It Short and Sassy!

I love that Brides have become more "bold" in their decisions regarding Bridal attire over the years. Though trends may come and go, one that i'm hoping stays a little longer is the shortening of the typical Bridal gown skirt.

This little beauty is the creation of Jim Hjelm. I just adore the details and those pockets are to die for! (Are dresses with pockets not the best invention?)

If short is just not your style, another way to personalize your attire can include texture, color and of course the accessories you choose.

So, do tell. How did you/or are you incorporate your style into your attire?

The Fabuluxe life!

There are some people who "get it"; and then there are those that really GET IT.

Enter Terrica Skaggs of Fabuluxe Events, Inc.

Terrica is the mastermind behind Virtual Soiree a virtual meeting of the minds of Brides and some of the industries most talented wedding planners in the blogosphere. Virtual Soiree debuted last Thursday and was quite the success. Brides Aeleise, Danielle and MeQuel were given exclusive access to an open forum for questions and advice on their big day as we shared virtual cocktails and experienced cyber wedding chat at it's finest.

The experience itself was enlightening.

So imagine my surprise when after a long hard week, I open the mail and this is what I see:

This swag bag was Tericca's way of saying thank you for participating in the virtual soiree. The pictures don't really do the mini martini set, complete with a fabulous pink mini cocktail shaker, mini martini glass and cosmopolitan mix, justice. The bag also included Ferrero Rocher chocolates which did not last to make their way into the shot. Now that's how you say thank you!

We will have another virtual soiree this evening at 8pm EST.If you would like an exclusive invite, email your request to blog {at} fabuluxeinc {dot} com. Invites are open to a select number of brides with nuptials during 2009 and you must have a wedding website or blog to participate. Remember to include your wedding date and wedding website or blog address, and of course be sure to let them know that I sent you!

This is your chance to get up close and personal with some of the most talented professionals I personally know, and get expert advice regarding planning a successful and fabulous wedding. I look forward to "seeing" you there.

Cheers and thank you Terrica. The pleasure is certainly all mine.


You wanna be on top?

Ok, not quite...

This post has little to do with the ultra-fab Tyra Banks, I just couldn't resist that using that tag line. Is it not the greatest?!

I do however have a media opportunity for local area newly married couples looking for some time in the spotlight. I was recently contacted by Gia Kornet,the Associate Producer for Embassy Row Productions. Embassy Row are the producers of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and Power of 10. They are currently casting the newest version of The Newlywed Game for Game Show Network & will be holding a casting call in Philadelphia.

If you and the new hubby would like the chance to have a little fun on the small screen, now's your chance. Details below...

Couples can apply by going to WWW.EMBASSYROW.COM, click on "CASTING" once we receive their application we will contact the couples about the casting call. Couples can also email us directly at and put "Philadelphia Casting Call" in the subject.

Good luck!


Labor of Love

A few weeks ago I posted about my pursuit of the perfect invitation for my own event.

First, let me just say that for all of you DIY Brides who welcome the challenge of creating your stationary, hats off to you! After cruising many, many, many invitation design styles, I just could not find "the one" and decided I would just do it myself.

So like most, I started on the hunt for individual items I liked.

Since the event is a desert reception, the theme I decided on is "dolce vita" (translation-Sweet Life)

It started with this paper:

I found this paper at one of my favorite secret stationary stores not too far from the office. You may not be able to tell from the picture, but the paper is iridescent, fuchsia and fabulous. The paper is also 8.5 * 11 inches. Problem #1

Problem #2- The paper also comes in adorable 6.25*6.25 squares. This doesn't seem like much of a problem for a square invitation, except...for this size paper you need the ever so hard to locate, 7*7in pocket and even larger mailing envelopes.

Moving on to roadblock #3. The anal retentive Coordinator in me showed her pretty little head during the design process when I could not locate an invitation design I thought was appropriate and contemporary...

Luckily enough as fate would have it, the amazing Nicole of Pink Design Events stepped in and helped to create a design especially for me! Along with the invitation, we designed the RSVP card, admission ticket and the "dolce vita" monogram. I also designed accommodation and direction cards as additional inserts for the pocket invitation.

The rest...well you tell me. Now that they have been mailed, I can share. What do you think?

Pocket with all inserts

The final product


Me, you & a cocktail or two

Virtually of course.

How awesome would it be to have access to a team of some of the most talented wedding planners in the industry and the blogosphere to help you with your wedding?

The amazing Terrica Skaggs of Fabu-luxe Events is the mastermind behind a virtual "soiree" guest starring herself, Aletha Vandermaas of Pearls Events, Saundra Hadley of planning forever events, Liene Stevens of Blue Orchid Designs,Andria Lewis of Andria Lewis Events,Laura Auer of Wish Special Events, Emilie Duncan of Emilie Duncan Events ,Katasha Butler of K Sherrie and Company and of course yours truly this Thursday December 4th and next Thursday December 11th at 8:00pm EST.

If you would like an exclusive invite, email your request to blog {at} fabuluxeinc {dot} com. Invites are open to a select number of brides with nuptials during 2009 and you must have a wedding website or blog to participate. Remember to include your wedding date and wedding website or blog address, and of course be sure to let them know that I sent you!

This is your chance to get up close and personal with some of the most talented professionals I personally know, and get expert advice regarding planning a successful and fabulous wedding. I look forward to "seeing" you there. Cheers!


Giving Thanks

As we prepare for this time of giving thanks, I just wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday. When you sit down at your dinner table surrounded by those that you love, remember to be thankful for all the precious moments in life that we experience that we don't hardly deserve.

I am greatful for the family I've been blessed with, a profession I am inspired by and the friends/colleagues that continue to encourage me everyday.




Sweet Treat

I always advise my couples that if they're not going to do a favor which is edible or contributory to the environment or a worthy cause, they may as well pass. Many couples lose sleep over giving guests that last little reminder of the night and in my opinion, if you've thrown a fabulous reception (and had a meaningful ceremony)rest assured, they will remember.

If in fact you would like to say "merci" one more time before your guests leave, follow the lead of my colleague and friend Shayna Walker Wedle of Williamsburg Wedding Design and say it with a BANG!


When Shayna first described what she and her team were affectionally referring to as the "massive" display I just couldn't imagine. I mean, I myself have done candy buffets for upwards of 225 guests but this, this should really win an award.


All photos courtesy of Brad Howe Photography

For more eye candy of this fabulous Wedding, check out Shayna's blog and of course, show her some blog love!

Have a sweet day!


University Setting

Last night I attended a networking event for the Association of Professional Event Designers at the TD Bank Executive Conference Center (Formerly Commerce Bank Executive Center) in Mount Laurel, NJ. The meeting featured a presentation by Mark Kingsdorf of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants, entitled "going green now without losing the WOW!" and was quite informative.

I personally feel that over the last year both in my home and professional life I've made a real effort to infuse environmentally friendly and socially conscious items into everyday habits. Not only have we adapted a number of methods in the office to reduce the paper and energy we utilize, we often consult with our Clients on ways to incorporate touches to reduce their carbon footprint throughout their events.

After years of driving past the University, I was certainly looking forward to an "after-hours" view of the event space potential. I must admit, I really did like the "canvas". Though not ideal as a Wedding venue in my opinion, I feel like the contemporary feel of the space lends itself very well to hosting a modern social or corporate event. From the magnificent glass stairwell to the illuminated red pillars and humongous trees in the foyer, upon entering the space I certainly had a wow reaction. (Sidebar: I really miss the signature red of commerce bank. Is it me or does the green just not seem right?)

Of course I carried my handy camera to share pictures throughout the night:

This photo was inspired by a Wedding Coordinator colleague of mine who always documents her meals. I thought it would be fun to snap a shot of the awesome food prepared by Andreotti's Viennese Cafe (The salad was to die for!)

A little blurred...but here is a shot of Christina Lupo of the Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants and Denise Herker with Leigh Florist.

Lobby entrance

Meeting space

If you're looking for a unique venue to hold your event, I would definitely stop by and take a peak. The architecture of the building is gorgeous.


Tag Teamed

So I've been "tag" teamed by Lisa Michele and Deidre Gray to participate in a post election day tag...and I'm just a bit behind. In honor of the President Elect's 60 minute debut here goes:

1.Did you vote? Absolutely
2.In which state are you registered? New Jersey
3. What time did you go to the polls? 8 am. Shortly after dropping off my little prince.
4.How long was your wait? 20 minutes. I went with my mother and sister so there was a little wait.
5.Did you incur any problems? No. Everyone at the polls were extremely friendly and helpful
6.What was the reaction when you heard the news that Barack Obama won? I screamed. I carefully watched the election and turned the television off at 10:58p to get the little guy to sleep. Needless to say, the shrieking sounds didn't help.
7.Who was the first person you shared your reaction with? Christian (although) he really just thought we were playing a new game. Adult wise, my sister.
8. Who will you tag? I will tag the originator of the post, Deidre Gray.

Happy Monday!


Think Pink!

I will confess...I'm a bit of a perfectionist. In this business, I'm not sure it could be any other way. Apparently, I'm also a bit of a "lunatic" as my colleagues affectionately have shared. I've spent in excess of a month losing sleep on the hunt for the "perfect" invitation for my birthday bash next month. Of course, it didn't exist (go figure) and I had to resort to having them custom made.

Luckily, I found Nicole of Pink Design Events. Nicole is by far the most patient person I know and has an amazing sense of style in her creation of "posh" stationary design. I contacted Nicole last Friday and after a series of frantic emails (on my end of course) she delivered beyond my expectations.

BRIDES, if you have found yourself in a panic over your own stationary, trust me, I now understand and can confidently say, it can be done!

Nicole featured my "La Dolce Vita" themed stationary on her blog . I will post a sneak peak of the logo design here and the final product after they are mailed this weekend, but be sure to check out her blog and post a comment to let me know what you think. Oh...and of course, show her some blog love.


Happy Friday!


Speaking of California...

This past week the Association of Bridal Consultants hosted their annual conference at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA and the guest speaker was none other than the phenomenal Colin Cowie ( I LOVE HIS WORK!)

Although I was not able to attend, I was able to "borrow" a picture of the fabulous event design showcased during the conference from my friend and colleague, Michelle Tortuya of Charming Events Planning & Design.

Check out Michelle's blog for a great read and additional photos of course!

Jan 2009, California here I come!


California Dreamin'

There was a time in my life when I was fortunate enough to pack a few things and head to Orange County, California for weekend trips (oh how I miss those days). What I loved most about my visit was the consistency of the weather and the ability to always be outside shopping, eating or just relaxing by the pool.

Yesterday I was able to relive that experience. Briefly.

Colleague and Friend Deidre Gray of Always A Positive Image, and I were invited to preview the new Coco Key Water Resort located adjacent to the Marriott Mt. Laurel yesterday evening. When I received the initial invite from Angela Lustig, Sales Manager at the Marriott, which read "beach attire preferred" I was a bit taken back. Nevertheless, we bundled up in our winter jackets and braved the cold to see what the hype was about.

Boy, am I glad I did.

We attended the vendor "sneak-peek" reception yesterday as the facility prepared for their Grand Opening today. When we walked into the space, which had to be in excess of 85 degrees, and now I understood the invitation a bit better. Somehow, they have found a way to bring my beautiful California warmth to New Jersey, year round.

The facility offers birthday packages and day passes for the young at heart in addition to nightly getaway trips for families of 4.


Below are some pictures I grabbed from my blackberry camera phone




I wasn't able to grab pictures of everything for fear of looking like a lunatic, but suffice it to say with a full arcade, water raft pool, huge slides and a large eating space, I expect the facility will do well.

Thanks again for the invite Angela, I can't wait to bring Chris to play!


Tutera, Capone and chocolate...oh my!

There are days when my job can be very difficult and other days, well...not as much. Seriously, some times I pinch myself when I think of how lucky I actually am. I mean, in what other profession can you see a Celebrity Wedding Designer,an amazing photographer and the love of your life, in 72 hours? (Not to mention having the most amazing boss there is!)

Earlier this week I attended the ISES (International Special Events Society) South Jersey Networking meeting where the guest speaker was none other than David Tutera, The Party Planner. David is not only known for his candid approach to design, he has hosted a number of television show (his latest project is My Fair Wedding), written three books and planned parties and weddings for many high profile celebrity clients. Not only was the meeting a great networking opportunity, we were treated to the behind the scenes secrets to some of David's most fabulous events. The event was held at The Pool at Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. If you have not been to "The Pool" it is certainly a site to see. Gorgeous cabanas, fabulous location and event space like none other!

Yesterday I headed over to visit one of my favorite photographers, Jen Capone of Jen Capone Photography. Jen and I have worked together in the past and are working on a project together for later this year so it seemed like the perfect excuse to pay her a visit (and shop to my hearts delight! She is located 20 minutes from King of Prussia). Jen also gave me a tour of her new studio located in the heart of downtown Royersford, PA. Brides, if you are in the market for a phenomenal photographer, definitely check out Jen's work.

After our tour, Jen took me to visit her friends at Sweet Ashley's Chocolate Store where I met the owner Connie and her husband. The store is a quaint shop also in downtown Royersford and the chocolate is delish. I really wanted to take a picture of the gorgeous box that housed my milk chocolate covered pretzels but let's just say, an empty box is just not as appealing of a photo, so you'll have to take my word for it. Not to worry, Sweet Ashleys does provide chocolate favors for wedding and special event needs AND you can order online. SWEET!

Below are a few photos from my week:

David Tutera and the staff of South Jersey Party Supply.

Jen Capone and her adorable daughter at the new Jen Capone Photography Studio. (If you squint, you can see the two boxes of pretzles in Jens' right hand. See..proof!)

Sweet Ashley's Chocolate

I'm not sure how I can top last week but I'm certainly excited to try! Happy Monday.


Johann and Mark-Professional Pictures

I received professional pictures from the lovely ladies at Bella Pictures today. Johann married Mark earlier this summer during a gorgeous outdoor ceremony adorned with touches of her favorite color, tiffany blue.

Looking at the pictures makes me remember just how quickly the year has progressed and how much I miss my couples after their big day.

Without further delay...






First Dance

Additional pictures will be posted to our production gallery within the week.

Happy Thursday!


I cried.


I cried last night as I watched the country make a move that many suspected it could not. I cried as I watched tears in the eyes of the young, hope in the eyes of the old and love between strangers gathered in the street holding onto a shared yet over powering silence. I cried knowing that for the second time in my life (the 1st was standing in the street of Jersey City, NJ watching a building in New York I frequented fall on 9/11)this nation stood strong TOGETHER.

I embrace the renewed spirit that this Country is celebrating as we move into a new term and hope that the love that many shared yesterday lingers long enough for many, many more tears of joy.

The picture above is a snapshot of the photos that graced the New York Times this morning. Congratulations to the new first family.


Good company and good times!

As you grow in the wedding industry, you quickly notice a trend in the "company" you keep. As you become more comfortable with publicly admitting you are addicted to all things wedding, quite naturally you begin to gravitate towards other like-minded and obsessed people aka wedding coordinators.

I'm fortunate in that over the last few years this business has fostered some of the most incredible relationships in my personal and professional life. From brides to vendors to people I now call friends, as I've evolved I've met great contacts along the way.

This weekend I took a much needed drive down to Baltimore to visit my colleague and friend Lakendra Kennedy of Affairs with Elegance for two days of business, eating, relaxing and of course shopping! I couldn't have picked a more perfect time to go because the weather was absolutely gorgeous!!!!

It's always nice to see weddings from the perspective of another market. Though not far, Maryland and NJ/PA certainly do things differently. During the trip, I was fortunate enough to meet up with some of my "virtual" Coordinator counterparts from my online networking forum.

11 Coordinators from all over the country, great weather and lots of mimosas...what could be better?

Below are a few pictures from my visit courtesy of some of my new friends!


Liene Stevens, Myself, Lakendra Kennedy and Laura Auer

And here's the entire group! We thought it would be fun to do an "old school" bridal party along the stairs shot. The waiter was a little confused however.


Front Row: Sara Bauleke (Bella Notte), Liene Stevens (Blue Orchid Designs), Andrea Hansborough (A&H Events)and myself
2nd Row: Vicky Choy (Event Accomplished), Kawania Wooten (Howerton+Wooten Events) Maria Cooke (Ritzy Bee), Lakendra Kennedy (Affairs with Elegance)
Back Row: Letetia Nicole (Simply Beautiful Concepts), Laura Auer (Wish Special Events), Stephanie Aspinwall (Ayr Hill Events)


Trick or Treat!

This year Chris was upgraded from the "Mighty Lion" to Management!
Photobucket Album

Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween!


On a typical Friday, I spend the morning finishing up the week's work and the afternoon preparing for rehearsals.

When the Phillies win the World Series however, Friday is anything but typical.

Dressed in my Phillies gear, I headed towards the City of Brotherly love to brave the chaos. I called in a favor or two (I love this business) and was able to secure seating right at the start of the parade in a building literally on the parade route, 4 stories up. The view was amazing. Below I've posted pictures that I took from my blackberry camera phone. Not bad for 4 stories up!

Start of the morning:

Starbuck's run:

Start of the Parade:

This is the media bus. Philadelphia fans started screaming "move that bus!move that bus!"

Phillies Phanatic...he's so cute. He also makes appearances at Weddings if you like:

Phanatic gets down:

Player's Float:

Player's Float:

Flag from the Player's float:

Float with "Congratulations Philly banner"

Player float:

Chaos after the parade! Love this city.

The Parade route ends at the stadium, however, I will be making my way over to the Prince's Halloween parade.

Hope you're having a great Friday!


Jen married Scott-Pro Photos

I am always excited when I receive professional pictures but today I am super excited because they are from Paula Cella. Paula and I have been fortunate enough to work together in the past and she is such a delight to work with. Not to mention, her work is FABULOUS!

Paula sent me pictures from the Wedding of Jen and Scott which took place earlier this summer at Greate Bay Country Club. The Black-Tie affair was the perfect mixture of the Bride's Jewish faith, the Groom's Polish background and the couple's love for travel and diving.

Placecard area where guests received their seating assignments via hand-written shells in the sand.

Is this not the most fabulous cake you've ever seen! The cake was courtesy of The Bakeworks Amanda is amazing!

The couple incorporated their love for red and white into the reception decor

(All photos courtesy of

Be sure to check out our website gallery for additional photos and be sure to stop by Paula's blog and show her some blog love!