Sweet Treat

I always advise my couples that if they're not going to do a favor which is edible or contributory to the environment or a worthy cause, they may as well pass. Many couples lose sleep over giving guests that last little reminder of the night and in my opinion, if you've thrown a fabulous reception (and had a meaningful ceremony)rest assured, they will remember.

If in fact you would like to say "merci" one more time before your guests leave, follow the lead of my colleague and friend Shayna Walker Wedle of Williamsburg Wedding Design and say it with a BANG!


When Shayna first described what she and her team were affectionally referring to as the "massive" display I just couldn't imagine. I mean, I myself have done candy buffets for upwards of 225 guests but this, this should really win an award.


All photos courtesy of Brad Howe Photography

For more eye candy of this fabulous Wedding, check out Shayna's blog and of course, show her some blog love!

Have a sweet day!


Rashana of THE BRIDAL PARTY said...

Wow! That display is really impressive. I'm going to check out Shayna's blog now. Thanks for posting.

And Happy Thanksgiving!!

Shayna Walker said...

Thank you my dear. I had more fun designing that candy buffet than I have doing anything else this year. The best part was the reaction of the guests - grown adults acting like little kids with huge smiles on their faces - we couldn't keep the thing stocked no matter how much candy we poured out all evening!

You're the best!

Eliana@BYSE said...

One of the best candy bars I have ever seen.

hizrarejewl said...

two words: YUM YUM