On the road to recovery

Thank you everyone for your kind words, emails, telephone calls, texts and your thoughts.

It's been a roller coaster of a ride these past 60+ hours (probably due to lack of sleep). I'm happy to say that Christian was discharged from the hospital earlier today and is home recovering.

The IV medication he received worked well last night and he's now taking his medication by mouth. Aside from a little fear of being left alone (poking and prodding by people in white coats will do that to the best of us), he's looking pretty good.

You never realize how emotional you can become until you set foot in a hospital geared towards helping little children who are in pain. It really puts life in perspective as to how trivial our complaints can be sometimes.

I'm so grateful to you all for keeping my angel in your hearts and your prayers during his time of need. Thank you again.


Jill married Dan

Have you ever seen a couple that radiates LOVE in everything they do? Especially, the way they make eye contact in a room full of people that would seriously make you take a double take?

That is Dan and Jill.

I had the honor of working with the new Mr & Mrs. Goettner at their wedding last September at Tavistock Country Club in Haddonfield, New Jersey. The Fanelle/Goettner wedding was far from typical, which was obvious from the 300+ guests in attendance. Add to that 20 Vendors including a 9 piece band that had all 320 of US (notice the word us) rocking for the entire night, a father of the Bride that played the drums during the reception, a gorgeous Cathedral Ceremony, beautiful girls in Vera Wang, handsome men and all things regal and've got yourself an AMAZING wedding.

I was sooo excited to see the shots from their photographer E.G. Quinn that I could hardly wait to post.

Power in Numbers

So, my original intent of creating this blog was to give my perspective and a behind the scenes look into this crazy world of event planning. Today my focus is a little different.

One of my all time favorite bloggers is Scarlett Lillian. I stumbled upon Scarlett a while back and I absolutely love her work. If you don't know her, you HAVE to check her out-awesome, awesome pics.

Besides her work, I love how personal her blog is. Scarlett has found a way to incorporate her love for art with her love for God.

So today's post is inspired by Scarlett.

My little angel Christian woke up yesterday screaming with a high fever. We immediately rushed him to the the ER where they discoverd a fever of 104. After 8 very long hours in the ER the diagnosis was the possibility of pneumonia. Chris was then transferred via ambulance to St Christopher's Children's hospital in Philadelphia, where he was admitted at 8pm last night. His fever dropped initially but has begun to fluctuate over time. After his second round of x-rays, he is still showing something in his left lung. He will soon be hooked back up and receiving medication via IV.

I ask that you please include my son in your thoughts and prayers. I don't expect any responses to this post, a silent thought is very much needed and appreciated. I truly believe there is power in numbers and that God has a remarkable strength in healing so please think of him today.

Thank you in advance for your loyalty and your ear.



And the winners are...

A little while back I posted to the blog an open position for interns at POSH. Well, not only did we receive an overwhelming response, for which I am truly humbled, we came across some pretty remarkable candidates.

Although the decision was rough, we were able to narrow it down to two which we ABSOLUTELY adored!

So here they are folks, the 2 newest members to the POSH Team, Scotlyn & Jasmine:

Not only are our new interns beautiful, they are joining the team with experience, creativity and unbelievable passion.

We are so happy to have them as an asset to our team. Welcome ladies!


A Day at the Beach

Irrespective of the fact that it is about 30 degrees outside, 4 inches of snow fall and the streets are currently "icing" over,for some reason, I could not stop thinking about the Beach today. Maybe i'm biased and totally in-love with the fact that I am fortunate enough to have Clients who choose to get married on the beach/near the water pretty frequently...but there's something about love, sand and sunsets that makes the experience soooo romantic.

One thing i've noticed about beach weddings is that people really do tend to struggle with the theme of the day; either overemphazing the fact that they are at the water, or doing everything in there power to not make that the center of attention. My advice is if you do chose to recite your nuptials near the sea, be cognizant of your surroundings and embrace nature-beautiful rich colors, fabrics, and simplicity will go a VERY long way.

As I was "surfing" for new cool beach/non-beachy items for this season, I came across some cute trinkets from beau-coup.

Great for escort cards:

Now this a great option for an edible treat! How cute are these mini totes?

Great way to present your Out of Town Guests with information for the weekend as an alternative to the typical tote bag:

Love it, love it, love it!



I always advise my clients that a meltdown at some point in the planning process is inevitable. It's true, regardless of how sane you and your mate may be, usually around the 2 week (all final balances due) mark, the pressure sets in.

Here's a secret...


What I would suggest if you find yourself approaching this point, is to take a little retreat with your hubby/wife to be. First, it's a great excuse to get away and second, believe me, after months of planning (with the assistance of your Wedding Planning of course), you will have deserved it!

A wonderful resource if you are looking for the perfect "getaway" location is Spafinder makes it easy to plan a trip anywhere in the world, with a variety of spa locations across the globe.

So the next time you are feeling like you need just a little, itty bitty break, head to your nearest spa and enjoy being pampered and rejoicing in the celebration to come.

PS. This post was inspired by a mini meltdown of my own today that resulted in let's just say a shortened, semi bob new do courtesy of the AMAZING Hector at Toppers Salon & Spa in center city, PA. (Thank you, thank you,thank you) Pics soon to come, of course!




I am absolutely head over heels with designer June Chuang, the creative mind between the fabulous CHia handbag and accessory New York line.

Like most women, I can certainly appreciate a great purse (my closet would agree), so I just couldn't help myself when I came across this young designer with an eye for style.

The CHia line made it's debut in 2005 and has been featured in Lucky magazine, Accessories magazine, Pearl and countless others, but believe me, the articles don't do these bags any justice.

So if you're looking for a fabulous gift for your Bridesmaids or just an excuse for another shopping excursion, be sure to keep CHia at the top of your list!


Right Time, Right Place

I was recenty interviewed for an article which ran in the Weddings section of the courier post this past Valentine's day. For those of you who may not know, the annual insert of the newspaper is an amazing resource for planning in the Southern New Jersey area. Everything from local resources to planning tips and tricks are incuded.

I was honored when I was asked to speak specifically to helping couples find the perfect venue.

As a Wedding Consultant who frequently has Cients that don't necessarily fit the "norm" in terms of traditions, themes and exotic locations, my perspective on finding the perfect venue is similar to every other venue-It's ALL about your signature STYLE!

Your location will dictate the general feel of your event. In this area, we are fortunate to not only have access to some of the most incredible banquet halls, we also have a slew of museums, galleries, restaurants, private estates and wineries. Even better, a 20 minute drive across the bridge will expand your options 10 fold.

I've included a link to the article for a good read. Happy Planning!


Love is in the air

In honor of Valentine's day (and total disregard for the post below), today's post truly optimizes what love is to me.

Kiersten was by far one of my favorite Brides. Not only did we spend a lot of time together, she is just so talented and hands on and literally EVERYTHING she touches, turns to gold (I seriously wanted to add her to my staff). Her hubby Jason, well, upon first glance I ignorantly blurted out "what sport do you play?" because the man is HUGE (in an athletic, toned, has to be a professional of some sort, type of way). Little did I know not only did he play for the Philadelphia Eagles, his nickname was "Full Throttle" and he was one of the most feared men in the NFL.

I had the honor of Coordinating the wedding of Mr & Mrs. "Throttle" last year right around this time. The couple had a gorgeous ceremony with reception to follow at the Ballroom @ The Ben in Philadelphia. PA.

In my inbox arrived this photo yesterday. The couple gave birth to a healthy happy little girl named Kylie. This is a photo just before their angel was delivered. Not only does Kiersten look absolutely gorgeous (as always) but you can truly see that loves resides in their hearts and thier home.

That is what this holiday should represent. True love and devotion. I'm honored to get to see it unfold multiple times a year.

Happy Valentines day and welcome to the world Kylie!


Happy single awareness day!

Ok. Inevitably, I will have to post tomorrow about Valentine's day...however, anyone who knows me knows that like most other things I don't truly understand, I'm just not a supporter.

Of course, I love "love". I'm in the business of love and a hopeless romantic at heart. What I don't understand, is a $75 bouquet of roses,waiting 2 hours for dinner, odd looking teddy-bears and little boxes of chocolates.

More importantly, I've watched how one holiday can truly affect the moods of people, who on average, tend to be normal upbeat individuals. Somehow, February 14th causes a lot of self doubt in those without a significant other.

(I probably should have preficed this post by saying that I've always been in relationships on valentine's day-so that's not it. Every day to me is an opportunity to be adored and spoiled rotten.)

Anywho, I've digressed.

In honor of those individuals who are single, by choice or circumstance, and still consider themselves loved, adored and FABULOUS-I declare tomorrow Single Awareness Day (term borrowed from a dear colleague I adore). Tomorrow, do not shy away in sorrow. Celebrate the person you are and know that love begins with the Love of God and self, and you deserve to be recognized as well.


Green Eggs & Ham

carving stations, mimosas and cake!

Many clients contact me with budget limitations that don't necessarily allow for a Saturday evening reception at their dream Venue. Why not consider Saturday afternoon???

Wedding "brunch" is an excellent opportunity to have everything you desire and stay within your designated budget. Many venues allow for receptions on Saturday/Sunday afternoon (end time approximately 4pm) and offer lavish spreads of breakfast and dinner menu options. Long gone are the days of cheerios and strawberries folks...brunch menus closely resemble that of their dinner counterparts only in smaller portions and often, you still have the option to have live stations.

So, why not invite your guests to party 8 hours earlier, after a beautiful morning ceremony, eat, drink (wine, champagne and specialty drinks are quite appropriate during earlier receptions) and party? With your wedding formalities ending at 4, you have plenty of time to spend quality time with your new spouse and still hit the road later that evening and celebrate again!


Cake for a Cause

Yes, it's true...delicous cake, good cause and amazing vendors too;The 4th Annual "Let Them Eat Cake!" is sure to be sweet.

The Benefit for City of Hope's National Cancer Center will take place on Tuesday March 4th at the Hyatt Penns Landing.

Philadelphia's premiere wedding cake competition looks to be bigger and better than ever....with over twenty professional and student participants, amazing entertainment, raffles, cocktails and celebrity appearances.

For a real treat, the special guest judge this year will be the fabulous(and ultra cute) Sylvia Weinstock of Sylvia Weinstock cakes. Sylvia is the cake designer from the stars and just an amazingly sweet woman who I had the honor to meet at the Wedding Salon a few years ago (she also complimented me on the purse I was carrying-I've held it near and dear ever sense)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Hyatt Regency Penns Landing
For More Details Visit City of Hope's Website

Hope to see you there...


Wine, Dine and be married!

Silver decoy winery

If you're looking for a unique venue for your event, a winery is certainly an option to consider and if you're in NJ, you certainly have a wide array of choices. New Jersey, is amongst good company with Italy and France, through the instituation of the quality wine alliance program which insures that all wines sold to consumers meet set quality standards.

Wineries are great because they typically can accomodate small or large groups (180-300) during spring, summer and fall and offer the option of a picturesque site of open fields, panoramic views, courtyards, hills and mountains.

If you're interested in considering a Winery for your big day, I've attempted to make your search a little easier. Below you will find a list of the various wineries and the city they are located in.

Alba Vineyard Milford NJ
Amalthea Cellars Atco NJ
Amwell Valley Vineyard Ringoes NJ
Balic Winery May's Landing NJ
Bellview Winery Landisville NJ
Cape May Winery Cape May NJ
Cream Ridge Winery Cream Ridge NJ
DiMatteo Vineyards Hammonton NJ
Four JG's Orchards & Vineyards Colts Neck NJ
Four Sisters Winery at Matazarro Farms Belvidere NJ
Heritage Vineyards of Richwood Richwood NJ
Hopewell Valley Vineyard Pennington NJ
King's Road Vineyard - CLOSED Asbury NJ
LaFollette Vineyard & Winery Belle Mead NJ
Renault Winery Egg Harbor/Galloway NJ
Silver Decoy Winery Robbinsville NJ
Sylvin Farms Germania NJ
Tamuzza Vineyards Franklinville NJ
Tomasello Winery Hammonton NJ
Turdo Vineyards & Winery North Cape May NJ
Unionville Vineyards Ringoes NJ
Valenzano Winery Shamong NJ
Westfall Winery Montague NJ

Be responsible and happy planning!


Style Cap with Victoria DiPietro of Bella Angel

I know, I know, it's been quite some time but today's style cap makes it well worth the wait! We sat down with the lovely Victoria DiPietro, Owner of Bella Angel for a chat recently and here's how it went:

So Victoria, you and I have had the opportunity to work together on many of occasions and I'm fortunate enough to have gotten to know you...but please tell our readers how long you've been in the industry and how you got started?

Sure! My interest in hair and makeup began when I was about 5 years old. My Aunt would come over early in the morning and give me whatever sample lipsticks she received from Avon, and I would try on every shade--- sometimes at the same time! I would also style anyone’s hair who would let me. I would stay at my grandmother’s house every weekend because every Saturday she would let me curl and style her hair.
My parents also bought me the Barbie “Styling Head.” I would play with her hair for hours; I thought she looked so beautiful when I was finished.

I began my professional career in New Jersey and Philadelphia in 1992. I started out as an assistant at a high-end salon in New Jersey and worked my way up. I headed out West to beautiful Los Angeles, California. For nearly a decade I worked in California for Design Visage, the #1 Bridal hair and makeup service in Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties. In 2003, I moved back to New Jersey and established Bella Angel.

Mmmm...California, my home away from home. Tell us, what is your most favorite part of your job?
My favorite part about doing what I do is that Bella Angel gets to be a part of such a happy occasion. It’s a wedding! We make people look beautiful on an incredibly significant day. It is such a rewarding job, and all of the stylists that work at Bella Angel feel the same way- we love what we do.

And what does a typical day in the "office" consist of?
Our offices are busy during the week because we are doing Previews (pre-wedding day trials) Monday through Thursday. We work by appointment only so we can give our brides our 100% undivided attention. We are not in the office on the weekends, but “on location” doing weddings, either at hotels, halls, mansions or at a bride’s house preparing them for the big day.

Ok, now that we've gotten pass the formalities, tell us an interesting fact about you that we may never have guessed.
Interesting, hmmm....Well, when I was living in Los Angeles, I was able to use my cosmetology skills as an actress on the show “Malcolm in the Middle.” That's pretty interesting!

Victoria, if you had to pick one, what is the mistake clients often make when it comes to makeup?

There is a difference between day-time makeup, night-time makeup and “Wedding Makeup.” Brides often ask, "What is so different about wedding make-up?" Bridal make-up has to have a unique balance. Not only must the bride look good for the camera, she must look pretty in person, often for 10 to 15 hours at a time. Most importantly, it must be "cry-proof". Just because the makeup needs to last 15 hours does not mean that a lot needs to be applied. That is a huge misconception. It is so important to choose a stylist that knows wedding makeup.

Being as involved in the industry as Bella is, can you share some trends/predictions for 2008.
Definitely-Elaborate jeweled hairpins and broaches are sure to supplement and sometimes replace tiaras this year. Look for lots of "bling" to make its way down the aisle.

At POSH, we encourage every Client to embrace their signature style. How do you define your "signature" style?
At Bella, our style is “Red Carpet Chic.”

Now for the easy part, how can Clients reach you?
We can be reached at 856-227-7774 or via the web @

Pictures of our very own Bella Brides:


And We're Off...

Today was a certain someone's first day of School!

(Ok so it was daycare but painful nonetheless)

Mommy, daddy and baby all managed to get thru the day with as little tears as possible so I think we're in good shape.

What do you think?


The Butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker and the kitten caboodle in the village it's an exaggeration of a title, but it pretty accurately describes the "team" needed exceute a seamless, fabulous, stress-free day.

I was recently contacted by a Bride and as we were disscusing what stage of planning her and her fiance were in, she stated that she just couldn't imagine what Vendors would be needed for the day. So, here it is. A SHORT list of vendors typically involved in planning a wedding. This list changes of course depending on the specific needs of the couples, traditions and religious practices.

• Invitation Designer- (Save The Dates, Invitation, Rehearsal Dinner)
• Calligrapher
• Rehearsal Dinner Location
• Hair
• Makeup
• Nail Technician
• Formalwear for Bridal Party
• Seamstress
• Accessories- (Veil/Jewelry/Shoes/undergarments)
• Accessories-Gifts for attendants
• Preparation Facility (hotel or home)
• Out of Town Guest Accommodations
• Township Official-Marriage License
• Travel Agent-Honeymoon

• Officiant
• Ceremony Venue (Marriage Counselor-Religious ceremony)
• Florist/Designer-Facility, bridal party bouquets, boutonnieres
• Photographer
• Videographer
• Entertainment (Soloist, Vocalist, Readers, Harpist)
• Accessories (FG baskets, RB pillow, aisle runner, unity candle, etc)
• Transportation for couple (to reception facility)
• Transportation for BP
• Transportation/Shuttle for OOT Guests
• Stationary Designer- Programs

• Venue including Banquet Manager/Maitre’ D/Banquet Staff
• Florist/Designer
• Linen Company
• Rental Company (chairs/ décor items)
• Favor Company
• Baker
• Photographer
• Videographer
• Entertainment-cocktail hour (if applicable)/Reception
• Transportation (from facility)

and the list goes on and on and on.

Coordinating all of your wedding Vendors can be quite the challenge so make sure that if you haven't hired a professional Wedding Coordinator, you have communicated all of your needs and special requests to ALL of the individuals involved in your special day.