Happy single awareness day!

Ok. Inevitably, I will have to post tomorrow about Valentine's day...however, anyone who knows me knows that like most other things I don't truly understand, I'm just not a supporter.

Of course, I love "love". I'm in the business of love and a hopeless romantic at heart. What I don't understand, is a $75 bouquet of roses,waiting 2 hours for dinner, odd looking teddy-bears and little boxes of chocolates.

More importantly, I've watched how one holiday can truly affect the moods of people, who on average, tend to be normal upbeat individuals. Somehow, February 14th causes a lot of self doubt in those without a significant other.

(I probably should have preficed this post by saying that I've always been in relationships on valentine's day-so that's not it. Every day to me is an opportunity to be adored and spoiled rotten.)

Anywho, I've digressed.

In honor of those individuals who are single, by choice or circumstance, and still consider themselves loved, adored and FABULOUS-I declare tomorrow Single Awareness Day (term borrowed from a dear colleague I adore). Tomorrow, do not shy away in sorrow. Celebrate the person you are and know that love begins with the Love of God and self, and you deserve to be recognized as well.


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Green Orchid Events said...

I love it! My husband and I don't celebrate V-day. He says he doesn't need a special day to buy me something or tell me he loves me. He'd rather surprise me on a random day. Happy Single Awareness Day!