Love is in the air

In honor of Valentine's day (and total disregard for the post below), today's post truly optimizes what love is to me.

Kiersten was by far one of my favorite Brides. Not only did we spend a lot of time together, she is just so talented and hands on and literally EVERYTHING she touches, turns to gold (I seriously wanted to add her to my staff). Her hubby Jason, well, upon first glance I ignorantly blurted out "what sport do you play?" because the man is HUGE (in an athletic, toned, has to be a professional of some sort, type of way). Little did I know not only did he play for the Philadelphia Eagles, his nickname was "Full Throttle" and he was one of the most feared men in the NFL.

I had the honor of Coordinating the wedding of Mr & Mrs. "Throttle" last year right around this time. The couple had a gorgeous ceremony with reception to follow at the Ballroom @ The Ben in Philadelphia. PA.

In my inbox arrived this photo yesterday. The couple gave birth to a healthy happy little girl named Kylie. This is a photo just before their angel was delivered. Not only does Kiersten look absolutely gorgeous (as always) but you can truly see that loves resides in their hearts and thier home.

That is what this holiday should represent. True love and devotion. I'm honored to get to see it unfold multiple times a year.

Happy Valentines day and welcome to the world Kylie!

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