Green Eggs & Ham

carving stations, mimosas and cake!

Many clients contact me with budget limitations that don't necessarily allow for a Saturday evening reception at their dream Venue. Why not consider Saturday afternoon???

Wedding "brunch" is an excellent opportunity to have everything you desire and stay within your designated budget. Many venues allow for receptions on Saturday/Sunday afternoon (end time approximately 4pm) and offer lavish spreads of breakfast and dinner menu options. Long gone are the days of cheerios and strawberries folks...brunch menus closely resemble that of their dinner counterparts only in smaller portions and often, you still have the option to have live stations.

So, why not invite your guests to party 8 hours earlier, after a beautiful morning ceremony, eat, drink (wine, champagne and specialty drinks are quite appropriate during earlier receptions) and party? With your wedding formalities ending at 4, you have plenty of time to spend quality time with your new spouse and still hit the road later that evening and celebrate again!

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SoireeLaura said...

Hubs and I got married in the afternoon! What a perfect decision that was. We didn't have to wait ALL day apart before tying the knot and we got some amazing portraits after we left the reception (we took our photographer to a scenic area and she snapped away with plenty of natural sunlight). The best part was that we ate dinner together at 'our' restaurant...just the two of us celebrating and letting everything sink in. It's one of my favorite memories of the day. I wouldn't have done it any other way and always bring it up as an option to my brides.