I always advise my clients that a meltdown at some point in the planning process is inevitable. It's true, regardless of how sane you and your mate may be, usually around the 2 week (all final balances due) mark, the pressure sets in.

Here's a secret...


What I would suggest if you find yourself approaching this point, is to take a little retreat with your hubby/wife to be. First, it's a great excuse to get away and second, believe me, after months of planning (with the assistance of your Wedding Planning of course), you will have deserved it!

A wonderful resource if you are looking for the perfect "getaway" location is Spafinder makes it easy to plan a trip anywhere in the world, with a variety of spa locations across the globe.

So the next time you are feeling like you need just a little, itty bitty break, head to your nearest spa and enjoy being pampered and rejoicing in the celebration to come.

PS. This post was inspired by a mini meltdown of my own today that resulted in let's just say a shortened, semi bob new do courtesy of the AMAZING Hector at Toppers Salon & Spa in center city, PA. (Thank you, thank you,thank you) Pics soon to come, of course!

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Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

More sensible advice...
...for, both, Planner & Client.

Besides...If it results in a "FIERCE" coif...melt