Oprah's Dinner of A Lifetime

Now I admit, I may be biased because I love, love, love Oprah, but yesterday's "Dinner of a Lifetime" show featuring Sidney Poitier was amazing! Colin Cowie was the event designer and everything from the floral decor down to the amazing chargers and table settings were just gorgeous!

The show itself was one of inspiration as Mr. Poitier reflected on the events of his life which inspired him to greatness. At 80 years young, he is by far one of the most eloquent speakers I've ever heard. Touching the lives of many, seven of Oprah's lucky guests were invited to join Ms. Winfrey and her guest of Honor for dinner and discussion.

Definitely try to watch the re-runs if you can and take note of the beautiful Invitaitons.


Your Day, Your Way

One of the first topics I discuss with Clients during the initial meeting is their individual Wedding Style. It's often an interesting conversation for me as I watch the gazed look appear usually on the Groom's face as to what exactly "HIS" style is (smile). After a little prodding, Couples generally begin to articulate likes, dislikes, "must haves", etc and create what we affectionaly refer to as a "Wedding Vision". This vision becomes the basis for all things involved in the Wedding from decor, to menu selections to attire-so that there is a general cohesiveness throughout the event.

One of my newest Couples is an awesome two-some from New Jersey who has taken the phrase "Our Day, Our Way" to a new limit! The couple is planning a dessert reception in a beautiful open area space for a few hundred of their closest friends. What I love about this couple is that they truly "get it". They've abandoned the stereotypical way of thinking of what a Wedding should be, to focus on an extremely fun, energetic, contemporary reception with a Ceremony to include many traditional elements. I applaud this couple for really knowing what's important to them and allowing it to shine on thier special day. For all of you wavering on what "can" and "can't be done, I encourage you, stay true to yourself and your party and allow your Wedding Ceremony and Reflection to be a reflection of the love you share and the life you enjoy!

Besides, hours and hours of desserts...doesn't get much better than that! :)


Wonderful Graffiti Goes Black Tie

One of my favorite Wedding Decor Accents is from Wonderful Graffiti and gives couples the option of dressing up otherwise Dead space. If you're like me, sometimes another "centerpiece" or family photo in the reception space, just won't do it. An alternative, writing on the walls! How much better can it get!

Today, Wonderful Graffiti introduced it's new Black Tie collection, "A Sexy New Twist On Old-World Elegance"

If you're looking to do a little "something different" be sure to check them out! I forewarn you though, this stuff is highly addictive!


Julie & Dan

I love my job! I absolutely feel that I am truly blessed with the opportunity to have a job where I actually enjoy what I do. Yes, somedays are more difficult than others and yes there are some "not so glorious moments" but at the end of the day, to see the love shared between the Couples I've been working with, some in excess of a year, makes it all worthwhile. Today, one of my Photographers sent me a keepsake from my Winter Wedding and I just had to share. Julie and Dan were such an amazing Couple and from the initial meeting down to the last kiss, their Wedding was one for the books! This Wedding had it all, a fire truck, wardrobe changes, Groom's cake, candy bar a secret mission to load the couple's "getaway car" (smile) and an ax that never did make its way to the cake table. Julie and Dan I wish you the best of luck and please keep the emails coming!


A Star is Born

I recently got the wonderful news that one of my closest friends and his wife, welcomed their 3lb 12 oz bundle of joy into the world on Friday!!! I'm soooo excited for this family-just a great couple and the addition of their 3rd little girl, just completes the beauty of this "made for tv" couple.

Of course, the Planner in me, doing many showers over the years, can not just give a gift off the registry, even though as an expecting mom myself, that's exactly what I WANT (hint, hint). One of my favorite gifts to give is from an amazing local vendor, My Little Babykakes. I've used this Vendor for a number of the showers I've planned and attended and you'd be amazed how many people asked me when we were "cutting the cake"; lol. The owner Sherrie does a fantatic job and really has taken the diaper cake concept to another level, even adding fresh flowers to the center of the cake. Should you ever get the chance to "indulge" in her products, be sure to tell her I said hello.


Wal-Mart, The TRUE Wedding one stop shop!

A few days ago I mentioned that the "hottest day" this year to marry is without at doubt 7/7/07. Well,I think I can officially say that now, I've seen it all! Our lovely friends at Wal-Mart have jumped on the Wedding Wagon as well and is offering 7 lucky contest winners a wedding ceremony and reception package at local Wal-Mart Supercenters in the lawn and garden areas.

"The seven couples selected to walk down the wedding aisle at Wal-Mart
will also receive a Wedding Package with an estimated value of more than
$5,000. This packet not only includes the decorated wedding venue in
Wal-Mart's colorful lawn and garden area surrounded by the season's bright
foliage, but also an adjacent tent for the reception area, wedding cake and
party food."

In addition, the package includes the reception venues,14kt gold and diamond wedding bands, invitation package, wedding and groom's cakes, fresh floral bouquets, digital cameras and photo frame, portable GPS, reception food and $1,000 Wal-Mart gift card.

For Lucky in Love Wedding Search registration and information, couples
may log onto and click on the Lucky in
Love link that will connect you to the G Squared/Gartner Studios entry
information asking for a brief love story essay. Couples may also register
by mailing information to: Lucky in Love Contest, c/o Gartner Studios, 220
E. Myrtle St., Stillwater, Minn., 55082.


Spirit marriages

I read an interesting article today on Wedding practices around the World; now I love, love, love Weddings and I’ve seen them performed in all types of venues…or so I thought. Ever attended a Wedding hosted at a funeral home? They do exist!
Spirit marriages or “Ming Hun” is a dying tradition practiced by the Taoist Chinese — for the departed, usually involving two dead people. The marriages are typically arranged by the parents of the deceased who want closure after the death. Though most ceremonies involve two dead people, on occasion, there would be the marriage of a living and the dead and once performed, the living is not allowed to marry for three years!!!
Though the Wedding must take place at night, you may be surprised to know that the celebration itself is very similar to a traditional Chinese wedding. With an average planning time of four months and budget of RM 8,000-10,000, the 2 hour ceremony includes the traditional tea ceremony, dinner, hair-combing ritual, wedding certificate, wedding costumes, makeup, dinner, liquor, entertainment for guests, wedding cake, hell notes, paper mannequins and praying paraphernalia.
In addition, a select number of tables at the dinner will be left vacant for the couple’s dead friends to share their happiness.
The only physical evidence of the marriage, an additional name on the family’s ancestral tablet — usually the bride — to signify that she is a family member. And you thought you’ve attended some “out of this world events!”

Wedding Salon

For all of you Brides in the New York Area this week, it's that time of year again for the Wedding salon! Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend this year, however, details are attached:

The Wedding Salon Bootcamp

Join us for an intimate evening with celebrity
photographer Barnaby Draper and Lisa Light from
Destination Bride to discuss the hottest trends for a
spectacular destination wedding and unforgettable
honeymoon. Enjoy tropical treats.

Wednesday March 21, 2007
6:00-8:00 p.m.

545 Fifth Avenue at 45th Street
New York, NY 10017

Event Details:

Computer Glitch is fixed!

I'm happy to say that after a stressful few days, I am back and running on both the website and at my email address

If you've tried to contact us within the last 3 days and did not receive a response, please RESEND your inquiry and we will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you all for your patience and support!


It's A Date!

So, what's the hottest date for a Wedding this year? Undoubtedly, July 7, 2007. While Coordinators have been buzzing about the popularity of the date since last year, around the Globe Venues are astonished at how quickly this date booked up.

While some feel the popularity is tied to religion, I personally feel that many Couples just enjoy the catchiness of the date. Besides, what better way to have a built in theme for your Wedding! If you have chosen this date (and I am assuming that you have reserved ALL of your Vendors by now), you may have experienced the "premium charge" added to services for the day or if you were lucky enough to reserve early, you may have been fortunate enough to partake in one of the Venue specials for the day. Locally, Venues such as the Ritz-Carlton New York in Central Park, created a Lucky No. 7 Wedding Package for just 77 people with seven guest tables, a seven-tier wedding cake, seven diamonds for the bride from Tiffany & Co., Room 2007 for the bridal party to dress in, and a seven-night honeymoon at any Ritz-Carlton hotel; cost??? You guessed it.... $77,777!

So for all of you 7/7/07 Brides, best wishes in planning and may you have the most beautiful and "Luckiest" Day of your life!

Down, Down Baby...

I know I promised to post again yesterday, but unfortunately we hit a little snag of a technical delay and both our website and email are down. We're hoping to have the issue resolved within the next 24 hours, but should you need to reach us, please feel free to give us a call at 856.625.4976 or you can reach Isis directly at No forwards please! lol


Fun Fact of the Day

I promise I'll post a Wedding related entry later today, but for now, I found out the cutest fact and had to share!

Today, the emoticon turned 25! That's right, the "cute" little symbol that we all love to share, is celebrating it's 25th year in existance-who knew?

Happy Birthday emoticon, what would we do without you :)?


Be Our Guest!

More and more of the Weddings I’ve been involved with planning have a high number of Out of Town Guests in attendance. One of the latest trends in the industry is to offer your guest a little “gift bag” or “Out of Town Guest Bag” to welcome them to the area and to say thank you for attending. In addition, the Welcome bag can play a key role in communicating the Wedding related activities for the weekend (if multiple events) or for the night.

I’m often asked what to include in the bags by my couples so I’ve come up with a mini list of the basics and you can add from there:

A beverage of some sort-Water is generally the safest bet since sugar content/flavor preference is not of concern (and we all know how expensive that Hotel water can be- $4, geesh!)

Snacks-usually, I suggest a granola (for substance), potato chips/peanuts (for the salt) and something sweet; this will hit all of the cravings your guest may have and will avoid them having to do the late night creep to the Vending Machine.

Mints/Gum-an item the guests can take with them if they are in a hurry that will allow for a sugar surge without the bulk. If you really want to be creative, label with your Wedding date/monogram etc.

That’s the easy part! What Couples tend to forget are things such as:

Walking map: Chances are, if the majority of your guests are staying at a hotel, they are either flying in to the wedding site, or live a considerable driving distance away. Include in the Welcome bags, walking maps so that your friends and family can tour locally at their convenience even without a vehicle.

“Things to Do”: Compile a list of activities in the area that your guests may be willing to participate in; keep in mind, try to consider costs when doing so, as many guests may spend 2 nights in the hotel-Call local venues and inquire about group rates/discounts.

Transportation: I always encourage my Couples to include a short list of transportation providers in the area if you can. This way, your guests have at their fingertips, the number to local taxi’s, private car service, shuttles, etc and can avoid looking through the welcome binder provided by the hotel.

Lastly, Please remember to thank your guests for attending! Of all of the items in the Welcome Basket, this is generally the most well received, although on those 95 degree days, I’m sure the water comes in handy.


These boots ain’t made for walking…

Ok, so this morning as I sit staring out the window on a lovely but bitterly cold day, I’ll have to admit, I’m perched up onto a soapbox and have to share. With the expectation of our little bundle of joy, aka, happy feet, I’ve been searching for a new car! UGH. Now, I’m by now means a car lackey-I’ve purchased 4 in the last 8 years (indecisiveness) but geesh, is it me or has buying a car become a difficult feat! Between leather, cloth, wood-grain, faux wood grain, 3rd row v no 3rd row, automatic AWD, etc, I can’t make a decision to save my life. I now understand how frustrated some of my Brides get with all the Options regarding their flowers, décor, attire, etc…It’s enough to drive you nuts!

I finally took the time to write out a list of priorities because after all, if I was one of my Clients, this is what I would advise. Slight problem, my priority list…needs to be re-prioritized. If not, I’ll have to revamp the budget and we all know what that means-incurred debt! So, budget in hand (and in head), I was able to cut the list of SUV Models I “want” into the ones that realistically, we can afford.

With this slightly smaller list, I’ll now have to come to terms with all the items I am willing to compromise on vs. the “must haves”. Just like when you’re planning your Wedding, no matter what the budget, there may be things that you “can not imagine not having during your big day”. If this is the case, make sure you have these items, but keep in mind, you may need to make other sacrifices to get them. For me, my absolute must haves are the entertainment center (DVD player) for Happy Feet and leather on the seats (for Happy Feet’s mess). Simple enough right??? Please!

Well, I’m off my soapbox for now; telephones are ringing and duty calls. I’m actually somewhat proud of myself for the progress (although only slight baby steps were made). Guess this weekend will include a few more test drives until I find the “vehicle of my dreams”. So many options…so little time!



Ok, so i've sat on this for about as long as I can, but the buzz in my industry over the last 18 hours or so has definitely been around David E Kelly's new show on Fox, Wedding Bells. Like most people, I was really, really looking forward to watching the show and getting a good laugh in on a Wednesday night because I'm sorry, but television has taken a turn for the worse these days...
Boy was I dissapointed! Ugh.

Ok, first, here's my disclaimer, this is TOTALLY based on my opinion, but if ever there was a show to disgrace a profession, ding, ding, ding-we have a Winner. I'm not sure exactly when my eyes bulged, but I think it was when the Mother of The Bride offered a $500 tip to the Planner to have the Officiant say "Jesus atleast 2x" since the Groom's family was Jewish! Yup, that was probably it...

Exaggerated, indeed; comical-at times. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't think for one second that the show in any way reflects how our lives "really are". The day I watch Vendors assualt Brides and sleep with married Groomsmen is the day I walk away from this profession that I truly love; Until then, guess it's back to channel surfing on Wednesday night-any suggestions?

Dollars & Sense...

Today's post is entitled Dollars and Sense because when it comes to your Wedding (and those of you who have been planning for a while definitely understand), It is about balancing your wants and needs with the restrictions of your budget. While you may WANT a band if you can only afford a DJ then you must be realistic when making your choices. Review the budget you've established and if there are a couple thousand dollars that can be taken from another category to fulfill your wishes, than by all means go for it...but if not, a sacrifice or two will have to be made upfront so that 2 weeks before the wedding, when all is due, you are not stressed and "strapped".

One category that is often overlooked and challenged is Videography. Of the many categories, it is often a percentage of the budget that is the hardest for me to explain to couples that the returns are so much more rewarding than the original output. Many couples feel that if they have photography, than the Photographer will capture all of the moments of the day. I have had the pleasure of working with some really amazing Photographers and will they are unbelievably qualified at capturing the still version of the emotions of the day, there is nothing better than seeing it as it unfolds.

One of the reasons couples often forego Video aside from expense, is that of time. As we all know, we live in a world of Instant gratification and receiving your Wedding Video, just like your Photo proofs can take months. One of my favorite Videographers offers couples a 3 minute highlight Video which they send to the couple immediately after the Wedding. This Video allows couples to get a sneak peek at the Grand picture and fills a little of the need for instant gratification that we all (I am guilty) share.

If you are struggling with whether to add a Videographer to your Vendors for the day, I would strongly suggest meeting with a few to see samples of their work. Many Videographers offer packages with a variety of options that can be customized to accommodate your budget from minimizing hours to 1 camera vs 2. Costs in this area for 2007 currently on average begin at $2,000 and can increase exponentially depending on your specific needs.


Bridal Seminar

It's finally here! I'm so glad to announce that our "special project" will finally make it's debut next month. We are hosting the 1st Annual "Bride Ideas" Seminar this April! The 8 hour Seminar is sure to be informative and includes:

Presentations from local Florists, Photographers, Videographers, Officiants, Makeup Artists and Venue Managers, Budget/Timeline and Stationary Tips, Seminar Materials & Lunch

Tickets go on sale next week, so please be sure to purchase your ticket as seating is limited! Registration can be made directly online at

Looking forward to meeting alot of you face to face-it's certainly going to be a great Event!


THE fine Print

In planning a Wedding you will be exposed to upwards of 20 Vendor Contracts of some sort. One of the things which never cease to amaze me is that many couples do not read the fine print. As a Consultant, once a Client signs with me, the first item on my to do list is to review any Contracts which they have signed to date. This allows me to become familiar with the Vendors they’ve selected and the expectations they have from the particular vendor.

I haven’t been able to determine if it’s just that couples don’t know what to look for specifically or if the excitement of booking that Photographer you just have to have”, outweighs your better judgment (no offense to my Photographers who I absolutely adore), but lately, I’ve found quite a few errors in the contracts I’ve seen. I’ve listed below some items which I’ve found recently during my reviews:

• Name stated on Contract for Couple is incorrect (misspelled or the wrong name entirely)
• Date listed on Contract is incorrect (this includes the day of the week as well as the actual YEAR on the contract…I’m guilty of this too at times though)
• Service Start/End time does not agree to package inclusion time
• Deposit amount received not stated on contract

…and then there is the FINE print. The items that only a Pro tend to notice that most couples will take for granted as a given. Now, I give my couples the benefit of the doubt because they plan what, One Wedding a year? I’m involved in many and it is my JOB to notice the items you may not. That being said going forward, at minimum, please do me a favor and be sure that your Contracts include the basics:

• Correct name, address and contact information for couple
• Correct Vendor Name/ Service package and price
• Any inclusions which were discussed which are not standard to the package selected
• Total package hours
• Payment information (including cancellation terms and payment due dates)
• Signatures from all involved parties
• “Initialed” revisions (or separate Amendment) for any changes to original agreement

So, for all of you happy Brides and Grooms to-be still in the process of sorting through the paperwork of your Wedding, just a word of advice- Please take time to review the Contract in its entirety and ask questions for any items which appear unclear. Believe me; it will save you time and money in the unfortunate event that anything should occur. After all, your Wedding is to be your Perfect Day…PureNSimple!


Signature Style

I had the pleasure of working with an amazing couple this past Friday on their Wedding at the Ballroom @ The Ben in Philadelphia. The Bride, like many Brides today, wanted to be sure that the couple's "signature stamp" radiated through the Wedding, so she focused on many intricate details for their special day.

One of the big "hits" of the night, was the couples Signature Platter. Opting away from the traditional guestbook, instead we went with an engragevable ceramic guestbook from Not only did the guests have an interactive experience during the cocktail hour, but the couple will have a usable souvenir to remind them of their big day! Gotta love it...


Baby Boom...

After today, I must admit that what i've been hearing, is true...there's definitely something in the water. I am happy to announce that we are expecting a wonderful baby boy this May and since he is our 1st, the journey has been quite exciting!

But ladies, let me tell you, there is definitely something in the water. Within the last 2 weeks, i've been informed of 3 other expecting moms (in addition to a close friend of mine who is due a month after me) and I found out about 2 of them today!

As a mommie to be, I must brag (just a little) so below is a picture of our little Prince who we've affectionately nicknamed Happy Feet (can we say...steal toes).

Sorry, I know this wasn't wedding related, but I couldn't help but share!