A POSH Event: Edna married Derrick (Ceremony)

Edna and Derrick were more like family than most of our couples. Mainly because I met Edna (and Derrick actually) in 2008 when she was in her sister Sheilla's wedding.

When Edna and Derrick first arrived at the studio, their request was simple: Beautiful, colorful and fun. They wanted wanted full coordination of a brunch reception and a out of this world party. We assembled a superb vendor team and I think the couple would agree, they definitely got their wish!

Having previously worked with the family of the bride, I knew we were in for a great time. What I wasn't expecting, was how involved Derrick was. Derrick and I would often attend vendor meetings and consult on wedding items in Edna's absence. It was great working with an active groom.

The ceremony was to be a true reflection of their life and family. Reverend Melissa Brown officiated the ceremony on the beautiful grounds of Scotland Run Golf Course where Kelly and her team worked their magic and the vows were recited in both english and spanish. The groom entered the outdoor space to Alicia Keys "unthinkable" and to say there wasn't a dry eye in the space, is an understatement.

Joshua Black of Blackeye Soup Photography was there to capture the memories

This is Edna just before we left for the ceremony.

The couple wanted vibrant, cheerful colors. The room was filled with pinks, yellows and orange. Edna wanted everyone to remember it was a wedding-no black allowed!

Mother of the Groom

Bride escorted down the aisle by her father


A Planner Plans

It's been seven months since I first embarked on my own engagement journey, and let me tell you, sitting on both sides of planning table is interesting to say the least. I find myself sharing many of the same emotions as my couples-excited, nervous, anxious and at times how shall I say..."extra". I can truly empathize now the need to go above and beyond for what you are constantly reminded of as the biggest day of your life.

Nevertheless, my fiance "Mr. Charming" and I agreed that this day is about us. Not posing for the camera, pretending for the crowd, or doing anything that even remotely felt artificial. Instead, we are planning an initimate reception for our closest family and friends on the biggest celebration day of the year (New year's eve) in one of the greatest cities in the world.

It's been such an interesting ride, I'm excited to share the details with you all.

A planner plans. No pressure...(wink)


A POSH Event: Sneak Peak-Edna & Derrick

I usually try to come up with a clever way to describe client weddings but in this instance, I think I will let the photo speak for itself.

Edna & Derrick

Photo courtesy of Blackeye Soup


Rainy Day Thoughts

Oh blog, how I've missed thee...let me count the ways!

If you are a usual follower of the blog you'll realize that I've taken a hiatus for a few months. I wish I had a good excuse, but the truth is between client weddings, expanding the destination arm of POSH, the studio redesign, new staffing, planning my own wedding and a little thing called life, I've really been swamped.

I'm often conflicted. Should I blog just for the sake of blogging? Even if it's not quality? I realize these days "blogging" can make you look busier than you are, more educated than you are, and like an expert in a world where the reality is your peers are actually WORKING and focusing quality customer service to existing clients.

As I peek out the window, look at the massive amounts of rain flooding the area and reflect on the last few months, I realize that I really miss my blog and the virtual family that resulted. So here I am, starting again. Renewed spirit and plenty of content to share.

My gorgeous bride Ellie, who is currently on her honeymoon, sent me a link to this blog post last week as we anxiously awaited the final accu-weather results on her weather for Saturday. Final Answer=Rain.

She asked that I share this link with future brides as she found it helpful to ease her nerves for Saturday. As a future bride myself (with the great fear of a blizzard on our day), I can certainly relate. The article is from the blog Kiss the Groom and I hope it brings you comfort on your big day!

And just in case that wasn't you go. Our gorgeous bride on a rainy yet perfect day! (Picture courtesy of Entwined Studio)