Rainy Day Thoughts

Oh blog, how I've missed thee...let me count the ways!

If you are a usual follower of the blog you'll realize that I've taken a hiatus for a few months. I wish I had a good excuse, but the truth is between client weddings, expanding the destination arm of POSH, the studio redesign, new staffing, planning my own wedding and a little thing called life, I've really been swamped.

I'm often conflicted. Should I blog just for the sake of blogging? Even if it's not quality? I realize these days "blogging" can make you look busier than you are, more educated than you are, and like an expert in a world where the reality is your peers are actually WORKING and focusing quality customer service to existing clients.

As I peek out the window, look at the massive amounts of rain flooding the area and reflect on the last few months, I realize that I really miss my blog and the virtual family that resulted. So here I am, starting again. Renewed spirit and plenty of content to share.

My gorgeous bride Ellie, who is currently on her honeymoon, sent me a link to this blog post last week as we anxiously awaited the final accu-weather results on her weather for Saturday. Final Answer=Rain.

She asked that I share this link with future brides as she found it helpful to ease her nerves for Saturday. As a future bride myself (with the great fear of a blizzard on our day), I can certainly relate. The article is from the blog Kiss the Groom and I hope it brings you comfort on your big day!

And just in case that wasn't enough...here you go. Our gorgeous bride on a rainy yet perfect day! (Picture courtesy of Entwined Studio)


Lisa Michelle said...

Hey Isis,

Miss you too. But I understand. You're a mommy, a business owner, a fiancee, and more than likely a bunch of other titles on list longer than a sleeve. You're an inspiration, and it's amazing all that you do. It's also amazing that we do all that we do as mothers, let alone business owners, as one person. Good Gosh! I look forward to more of your posts, and the hearing about the Joys you too shall experience the months leading up to your big day come rain, snow, sleet, or shine! Be encouraged, fearless & Courages!
Keep on being you....the Incredible "I".

Grace & Peace

Isis said...

Thanks so much Lisa. That was so sweet. I've been so behind in blogging, which is a blessing in itself but i'm definitely looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.