A Planner Plans

It's been seven months since I first embarked on my own engagement journey, and let me tell you, sitting on both sides of planning table is interesting to say the least. I find myself sharing many of the same emotions as my couples-excited, nervous, anxious and at times how shall I say..."extra". I can truly empathize now the need to go above and beyond for what you are constantly reminded of as the biggest day of your life.

Nevertheless, my fiance "Mr. Charming" and I agreed that this day is about us. Not posing for the camera, pretending for the crowd, or doing anything that even remotely felt artificial. Instead, we are planning an initimate reception for our closest family and friends on the biggest celebration day of the year (New year's eve) in one of the greatest cities in the world.

It's been such an interesting ride, I'm excited to share the details with you all.

A planner plans. No pressure...(wink)

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