Love it...

Ok, so I'm the first to admit that I am not the type of woman to "rattle some pots and pans" (I'll rattle them but food won't be the end product) but even I, LOVE this fabulous find I found during a blogroll (my apologies to the original writer, I can't remember which blog it was on) from Kitsch'n Glam

How cute are these?

Would this not be an awesome shower gift for the Bride-to-be that loves to work her magic in the kitchen? Fashion and Food...Even I can appreciate that!


Why we do what we do

Today I received the BEST thank you email. Actually, I received two...

My great couple from this Saturday, Jessica & Jeff both sent me thank you "notes" earlier today. I must admit, although I'm a real sap, the double take today caught me off guard. Working so closely together in a two month period, Jessica and I have definitely developed a friendship but the real kicker was the email I received from the Groom:

Hi Isis! I am great. It's funny, because everyone has asked me if I was nervous, and I say no. Alot of that is because I was so ready to marry Jessica, but it was also because I knew that everything was in good hands. You really did do an amazing job getting things set up for us, so that all we had to do was get dressed and enjoy being around our families and loved ones. You did such a wonderful job, and I will no doubt refer anyone I know in need of help to you and your staff. You really did make this such a memorable experience, and every single person who attended has gushed over how perfect it all was.

Once again, thank you!

Yup, makes it all worthwhile!


The Difference

I'm constantly contacted by Brides to be who ask a very valid question-"what makes you different?".

As my business has evolved, so has my answer.

When you initially enter this business (as in many), you value yourself by your certifications, the number of courses you've complete, the number of weddings, range of budgets, cultural weddings you've planned and locations you've travelled to. 5 years later, I realize that while my "resume" of events have expanded, what makes me different, are the principles by which POSH is operated.

I began this business because of my love of the industry and because I wanted to give a "voice" to couples whose Wedding did not necessarily "fit" the general mold of what a Wedding typically is. From Blue dresses to non-traditional locations, I'm proud to say we've covered it all.

What makes me different is my appreciation for the beauty of being unique and my determination to see to it that YOU have the day YOU've always dreamed of.

As you search for your Vendors, be sure to ask them what makes them different and don't settle for "stumbling"; hey if they don't know, then who would?


Giving Thanks

Today is the day that we all give thanks for so many of the blessings we've received throughout the year and throughout our life.

Here at POSH, we have had an amazing year and would like to give thanks to all of the wonderful couples and Clients, that have allowed us to be a part of their lives and their special day. We also say thank you to all of our Vendors that help us make it all look so EASY. Without you, we certainly could not pull off all of the amazing events we've had this season.

2007 has been an unforgettable year for me. I personally, would like to thank my "dream team"- Malakeia, Nanette, Tammy and Beverly of B'dazzle Events. I am truly blessed with some of the best Assistants in the business. The business changed names, but the dream has only grown.

I also give a huge THANK YOU to my "coordinator" family. You see, I am merely the face of this business. My staff and Vendors are my day of support, but I have an entire support system of Wedding Coordinators from around the globe who inspire, encourage and assist me through it all. They are my 2 am phone buddies, my sounding boards and over the years, they've become my extended family.

I am thankful for many things this year. Most importantly, on May 25th, I received the greatest blessing I've ever known. His name is Christian and he is truly the light of my life. Today was his first Thanksgiving and though he did not get to partake in the amazing feast prepared by his Auntie Sai, he did try mashed and sweet potatoes for the first time and loved it-go figure!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Not so black Friday!

Ok ladies (guys, you can pretend not to read),

If you're anything like me, this Friday will be full of walking, lugging and testing your patience and the comfort of your favorite pair of reliable sneakers.

To make your day just a little easier, I'm so happy to offer the black Friday Survival bag courtesy of our friends at King Of Prussia Mall.

The bag includes coupons for various "perks" of the day including complimentary chocolate, massages, fragrances and gift cards. Just click on this link, and fill out the brief questionnaire to receive your coupon for a complimentary survival tote for the day.

See you there!


Sweet Treat

Ok, so I know I've said it a million and one times, but I really do LOVE my job. I mean, what other job can you expense a trip to NY for the sole purpose of experiencing 40,000 square feet of chocolate indulgence???

Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend the 10th Annual Chocolate Show in my hometown of New York. As a die hard chocolate lover, I can appreciate the concept and the event was certainly no dissapointment!

I absolutely couldn't wait to get back and share pictures from the day. Mmmm, sweet indeed!

Yes ladies, how ideal is this! A wedding dress with chocolate accents...


I think i'm in love...

Overall, the experience was amazing and I'm sure I'll be back in 2008 to actually see the Fashion show take place. If you plan to attend next year, word to the wise- WILL CALL! The line at the show was literally 3 blocks long. We New Yorkers love a our sweets!


Wrap it Up!

Today's post is inspired by Mother Nature herself.

Maybe it's the insane temperature drop over the last 4 days or the holiday decorations that magically appear everywhere I look (where did those things come from?), but somehow my mind has moved from the beautiful scenery of the fall to the brrrr of the winter.

As a Bridal party member and more importantly the Bride to be, cold or not, wearing a "chunky" sweater (another item that has magically appeared at EVERY blink these days) is a major no-no. So...what are your options to maintain your sexy and gorgeous look and avoid a serious head cold?

My personal favorite fall/winter Wedding day accessory is the always reliable Pashmina. Why? #1 it's Cashmere, #2 the color options are amazing, #3 it's lightweight and easily transportable and even better is reason #4- you can wear it LONG after the wedding day is over.

If you're looking for your quick solution to the cold (or last minute bridesmaid gift) be sure to check out the selection at Amazing Collections. Super affordable and a great variety to choose from, the name says it all!


Don't Trash that Dress!

Planning your 2008 Nuptials and have yet to buy your dream gown? Well aren't you in luck! Here it is...the Top 5 Trends in Bridal Gowns according to

"5. New Lengths in Gowns -- tea length to above-the-knee, there was a
larger variety in gown lengths than ever before.

4. Emphasis of the Waist -- honoring the female form, there were lots of
large flower corsages positioned right at the hip to draw attention
to an hourglass figure.

3. Jackets/Sleeves -- brides who want options beyond the traditional
strapless gown are thinking more fashion-forward with gowns that
offer more coverage.

2. Color, Color, Color! -- beyond the traditional white dress, color is
not just seen in bursts but in wonderful patterns, rich jewel tones
or new shades of pastels.

And the #1 Trend in Bridal Dresses straight from the runway...(I've always wanted to do that) drum roll please....

1. A Lighter Touch -- lots of free-flowing, ethereal fabrics including
chiffon and organza with less embellishment, beading or other
adornments as in season's past."


A day at the Beach!

Dawn and Dave were by far one of my most FAVORITE couples of the season..Ok, truth be told, they're all my favorite (smile), but Dawn and Dave were married on the beach in beautiful Brigantine, NJ, so call me partial. What I loved most about Dawn and Dave's wedding however, was not the gorgeous beach skyline or the amazing flowers, my favorite part of the entire wedding was that it was sooo filled with love, you just couldn't help but smile.

The ceremony was a traditional Jewish ceremony under a chuppah carried by all of Dawn and David's closest relatives. The groom was escorted down the rose filled aisle by his parents to the sounds of violins, courtesy of Lucchi Strings. The Bride soon followed, escorted by her parents to the gasps of 40 of their closest family and friends as she entered from what seemed like an endless aisle of sand. The reception followed at a private estate with food catered by Betty The Caterer, dancing and laughter. It was gorgeous. It was intimate. It was so them.

I always encourage my couples to be true to themselves and have a wedding that is reflective of their style, their life and their love. Dawn and Dave were the perfect example.

Check out some photos from the couple's gorgeous ceremony courtesy of the AMAZING Paula Cella. Paula is certainly a master of her craft and picking a favorite shot was so hard to do. Check out the gallery section of our website for additional pictures...

Thanks again for letting us be a part of your day Dawn! I soooo miss our daily chats.


The Secret

I have a little confession- After all of these years, I still cry at every single wedding. When... Now that changes.

With some Brides, it's the moment I fluff their veil for their entrance, others it's during the couple's reciting of their vows and if any semblance of "Ave Maria" is within the program, you can forget it!

BUT, truth be told, that's not my favorite part of the wedding. My favorite moment of the entire day is the minute the groom's eyes make contact with his wife to be as she walks down the aisle to begin their new life together. In this moment, you can see all the love this man has for his new wife; how much he appreciates her, respects her, adores her and is willing to sacfrice. In that one moment, short enough to blink your way through, the "secret" to love and committment is revealed. By far, my absolute favorite part of the night!


Will you be my wife?

Jessica and Jeff are our last couple for the 2007 Wedding season and they are certainly one of my favorites! Jessica came to me just 5 weeks ago and in that time, we've planned her & Jeff's ENTIRE November 24th wedding.

Working so closely with Jessica has been a great experience as her and hubby to be know exactly what they like (and what they don't). With a dream team of amazing vendors for their "intimate, classy and fabulous" wedding the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we're all set to go!

I was so excited today when I opened my inbox and found the link to their incredible engagement pictures, courtesy of my extremely talented and hilarious "Philadelphia connect" Jen Capone of Jen Capone Photography. Now you tell me, "ain't love grand?"

The Bridesmaids Ball

Founded in 1949,The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's mission is to
cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.
Headquartered in New York,the society is the world's largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research and providing education and patient services.

On Saturday, November 3, 2007 from 9 PM – 1 AM at The Diamond Club at Citizens Bank Park, The Society along with numerous volunteers and generous sponsors, raises funds and shows support for those living with blood cancers.

So...if your between the age of 21-40ish and in the Philadelphia/Southern NJ area, be sure to come out to this black tie event, show your support for a great cause and "enjoy all the fun of a wedding reception without any of the hassle". Contests include the Ugliest Dress and Tackiest Tux Contest so make sure to dress "not to impress" for those prizes. Live Music will be provided by The Zone and Frederick Hart Entertainment will be on the "1 and 2's" (sidebar... I couldn't resist. If you know Fred, you know he is FAR from even being associated with the 1 & 2's. Fred is certainly oneof the most sophisticated and talented dj's in the area). Admission is $85 and includes admission to the Bridesmaids' Ball, open bar, entertainment and hors d'oeuvres.

Good Food, Great Cause and a reason to get dressed up...sounds good to me!