Don't Trash that Dress!

Planning your 2008 Nuptials and have yet to buy your dream gown? Well aren't you in luck! Here it is...the Top 5 Trends in Bridal Gowns according to Brides.com:

"5. New Lengths in Gowns -- tea length to above-the-knee, there was a
larger variety in gown lengths than ever before.

4. Emphasis of the Waist -- honoring the female form, there were lots of
large flower corsages positioned right at the hip to draw attention
to an hourglass figure.

3. Jackets/Sleeves -- brides who want options beyond the traditional
strapless gown are thinking more fashion-forward with gowns that
offer more coverage.

2. Color, Color, Color! -- beyond the traditional white dress, color is
not just seen in bursts but in wonderful patterns, rich jewel tones
or new shades of pastels.

And the #1 Trend in Bridal Dresses straight from the runway...(I've always wanted to do that) drum roll please....

1. A Lighter Touch -- lots of free-flowing, ethereal fabrics including
chiffon and organza with less embellishment, beading or other
adornments as in season's past."

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