Wrap it Up!

Today's post is inspired by Mother Nature herself.

Maybe it's the insane temperature drop over the last 4 days or the holiday decorations that magically appear everywhere I look (where did those things come from?), but somehow my mind has moved from the beautiful scenery of the fall to the brrrr of the winter.

As a Bridal party member and more importantly the Bride to be, cold or not, wearing a "chunky" sweater (another item that has magically appeared at EVERY blink these days) is a major no-no. So...what are your options to maintain your sexy and gorgeous look and avoid a serious head cold?

My personal favorite fall/winter Wedding day accessory is the always reliable Pashmina. Why? #1 it's Cashmere, #2 the color options are amazing, #3 it's lightweight and easily transportable and even better is reason #4- you can wear it LONG after the wedding day is over.

If you're looking for your quick solution to the cold (or last minute bridesmaid gift) be sure to check out the selection at Amazing Collections. Super affordable and a great variety to choose from, the name says it all!

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