Why we do what we do

Today I received the BEST thank you email. Actually, I received two...

My great couple from this Saturday, Jessica & Jeff both sent me thank you "notes" earlier today. I must admit, although I'm a real sap, the double take today caught me off guard. Working so closely together in a two month period, Jessica and I have definitely developed a friendship but the real kicker was the email I received from the Groom:

Hi Isis! I am great. It's funny, because everyone has asked me if I was nervous, and I say no. Alot of that is because I was so ready to marry Jessica, but it was also because I knew that everything was in good hands. You really did do an amazing job getting things set up for us, so that all we had to do was get dressed and enjoy being around our families and loved ones. You did such a wonderful job, and I will no doubt refer anyone I know in need of help to you and your staff. You really did make this such a memorable experience, and every single person who attended has gushed over how perfect it all was.

Once again, thank you!

Yup, makes it all worthwhile!

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