Our New Home

After weeks of transitioning, moving, weddings and events...I'm happy to say we are CLOSER to finally being settled into our new home and I must admit...

I'm in love.

So, without further ado, welcome to our new home!

I feel extremely blessed by the opportunity to expand into our new space in Cherry Hill and I'm very excited for a wonderful season.


I always said

I'd NEVER be one of "those" moms.

I lied.

To say the "Planner" in me made an appearance at Christian's 1st birthday party this year was an understatement. I went a little overboard with the football theme, considering he doesn't know the difference, but had a ball doing so. Unfortunately, I didn't get to have one of my Photographers come in to shoot (for fear of looking truly insane) so here are a few pics I was able to grab.

Who says a children's party can't be fun?

Menu: Pizza, wings
Dessert bar: dale & thomas popcorn (of course)& Candy buffet
More Desserts: Football cake and redvelvet cupcakes courtesy of Cake Muffin Girl
To Quench your thirst: Root Beer, Water, Assorted soft drinks
Favor bags: Coloring fabric backpacks filled with football themed goodies and bubble wands (of course!)
Guest book: Football signing frame

My name is Isis and I am obsessed.

Dressed to Kill...

On wedding day there are a few select individuals who should be wearing white. If you're wondering if one of them is you, it probably isn't. Unless you are the guests of honor, please, please, please refrain from the temptation to put on your pearly whites for the special occasion.

This extends to Mother's of the Brides and Grooms as well.

Though I understand that you want to look your best at the wedding, for one day, let the attention rest on the Bride & Groom. If you are tempted to wear a light color, choose a pastel in a light or medium tone; something complimentary to the colors of the wedding party that does not make you look like an honorary Bridesmaid.

You can still look fabulous and well put together, and the eyes that will be on you, won't send over dirty stares.


Happy Birthday Baby

Today we celebrated one year since the birth of our little Prince. Yesterday's football themed festivities at Little Sport were amazing (although Christian seemed to be the only child clueless to what was going on)thanks to the great staff at the facility and the Vendors which contributed to an all around awesome event.

They say time flies. Before Christian was born, I had no sense of time. Today as I watched him hold his own bottle, wave and say "bye bye", I realized I'll blink my eyes and my baby will be a big boy. Until then, I'm holding on ever so tightly.

One down and many, many more to go.


And the winner is...

(view of office entrance doors at night)

Pearls of Wisdom, LLC!

Effective June 1, 2008, POSH will be relocating to a bigger and better "residence" in Cherry Hill, NJ.

With the recent expansion of staff, we needed a little bit more breathing room and our new location, right off of Kings Highway in Cherry Hill, was the perfect fit. We are still getting settled in, but I promise to post pictures of our new "home" as soon as we do.

Thanks everyone for participating (even those of you who emailed off-line) and Pearls of Wisdom, please be sure to email me for your prize!


Can we say...FABULOUS?

Hello everyone! My name is Jasmine Strickland and I am the other intern joining the POSH team for this wedding season. I love celebrations, especially weddings, and I am so excited to gain more insight on how to plan a great one.

I do know that a benchmark of a truly fabulous wedding is one that exudes an immense amount of style. Weddings are becoming more and more stylized, often taking cues from current fashion trends.

I am sure you all have noticed that the punk rocker look has become incredibly chic and quite glamorous. Surprisingly, I have taken a liking to this revamped style trend. I say surprisingly because you wouldn't necessarily see me at a Foo Fighters concert, but I am the owner of several skull tee shirts and I did watch both seasons of Rock of Love. Having said that, you'd understand why I am absolutely in love with these rock inspired invites by CeCi NY.

Inspired by a DADA art collage, these invites feature smokey grey, black, and pops of hot pink hues throughout, along with personalized words and phrases which are visible through the plexiglass when guests remove the invite from the envelope. Perfect for the bride who bride who wants to remain true to her rocker roots and maintain an air of sophistication and elegance.

What do you think?


Exciting News

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am TERRIBLE at keeping secret any changes in my life. That being said, I've been holding on to a secret for quite some time and I'm literally about to burst!!!

So...I've decided I will only have 3 more days of torture and on Friday, May 23, 2008 will finally announce my big news here on the blog.

I thought it would be fun to have a "guess what it is" session on the blog. I love my loyal readers, which is what makes keeping this even harder. Of course it's just not as fun without an incentive, so the person who guesses closest to what it is, will receive a prize!

72 hours and counting...wish me luck!

By virtue of the responses (on and off the blog) thus far, as much as I WISH I had a "real" life, I must edit to say that the event is POSH related...

Room for one more?

When selecting your mode of transportation for the day of your dreams, take my advice...pessimism rules.

It's been my experience that what is advertised as a 8-10 passenger limo, typically comfortably seats 8 adults, if that much. Logically, it makes sense. Bridal party participants vary in height, size, weight etc. so if you're trying to seat 10 women as opposed to 10 men, you may have different challenges.

Here's my advice, in addition to actually going to SEE the vehicles maintained by your limousine company of choice, when in doubt, super size. If you have 11 adults in your bridal party, unless they are all very slim, consider reserving a shuttle or limobus as opposed to a "stretch" 10-12 passenger car.

Not only are shuttles comfortable, these days the style options are endless and you're guarenteed 10 individual seats as opposed to 1 long winding seat and a prayer.

Happy Planning!


I Scream, You scream

We all scream for ice cream!

I'm out of town attending a conference in Maryland this week (newbies, take note...schedule lots of time in your annual calendar to lean via classroom training). Anywho, during one of our much needed breakout sessions, attendees were created with dessert reception stations..not just your typical fondue, Viennese stations, no , no, we were treated to that sweet childhood treat of Ice Cream!

Ironically enough, the male attendees certainly took a leap at the stations in front of their female counterparts. As I observed the crowd, I thought it was great to see how excited the guests were to select not only their favorite ice cream, but the wide variety of toppings.

If you're considering an alternative to traditional wedding cake for your reception, certainly consider ice cream. Step it up and make the station a little more formal by adding "sophisticated" treats to the station, such as flambe fruit, in addition to our childhood favorite jujubees, sprinkles and my favorite all-time favorite...anything chocolate.

Sweet ending to a sweet event, LOVE IT!


My reason

In 14 days we will celebrate one year of our son Christian's life. I never imagined time would go by so quickly. Everyday I wake up to the smile of a little boy who's main objective in life is to enjoy his surroundings and be loved. Everyday I experience innocence in its purest form.

This morning, before 9 am I awoke to at least 12 text and voicemail messages wishing me a happy mother's day. I was overjoyed to say the least at it is my first since Christian's birth. During one conversation I was asked, what I wanted for Mother's day. When I responded "nothing" my friend seemed confused. I explained to him, On May 25,2007 I received the greatest gift I could ever have and more than I deserve, when God brought Christian into my life. The last year I've learned that I am stronger than I've imagined being, more vulnerable than I care to admit and loved simply for being me. There is nothing more that I can imagine greater than that. (although mommy did receive a very nice Gucci purse from little Christian today).

My son is my reason for waking up on the days I just don't feel like rolling out of bed, for smiling when there is little to smile at. Christian is my reason for living and doing all that I do. So for all you mother's, those who have birthed children and those who have chosen to raise children that they did not necessarily physically bring into the world, I wish you a Happy mother's day and another year of memories and reasons to smile.


Scotlyn's going green!

Hello Ladies! My name is Scotlyn Campanella and I am very pleased to say that I am one of the two new interns at POSH Events for this coming wedding season! Currently I am studying abroad in Leeds, England to receive an Events Management Certificate. While being here, I have noticed one topic that seems to come up time and again - “Going Green”. Not that planning a wedding or any event isn’t already a stressful task but now there is the growing pressure of making everything environmentally friendly. For those are unsure of where to start “Going Green” I want to share with you a great way to get involved….

Botanical Paperworks is a brilliant family-run company that has created “paper that blooms into flowers”. They have an extensive collection of paper products but also have created a line of wedding favors that are beautiful and unique.

When browsing through their products I came upon a elegant heart shaped box. This box can not only be filled with treats of your choice but when planted in the ground can actually grow flowers! The boxes are “tree- free”, made out of 100% recycled materials and are available in 6 fantastic colors. Each box comes with a set of directions how to plant and grow the flowers. Aside from the heart shaped box, they also offer a variety of other wonderful gifts!

Using Botanical Paperworks is a great way to give a stylish gift that everyone will appreciate, while still keeping in mind the concept of “Going Green”! Gotta love it.


The Agony of The Feet

Ladies, who says you can't have it all?

Brides constantly agonize over what they will literally walk down the aisle in. Practicality aside, I suggest that you treat yourself to the most amazing pair of non-Wedding (aka non-dyeable)shoes you can get your well manicured hands on.

After months and possibly years of planning and considering every detail of your big day, one detail should be ultra-fabulous. While your gown and veil may run a close second and third, the likelihood of wearing either of the two on another occasion is slim to none...Your footwear on the other hand, just may stand a chance.

There's nothing that will drive a woman to confidence quicker than a pair of killer shoes. Walking to the man of your dreams in them, that is a bonus sure to add a little pep in your step. Here are some fabulous finds I came across during my research (and purchase) phase:

Jeweled from head to toe

Weitzman, sleek and sophisticated

Charles David taps into the runway diva in us all

A fabulous "something blue"

PS. The shoes above are totally impractical for a 5 hour night of dancing, but don't worry your coordinator will be equipped with a pair of suitable (flat and comfortable)replacements, (appropriate for your gown hem line of course) when you are in need!

Remembering Tommy

On March 23 at 12:20 pm an angel graced the world in Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Weighing in at 6 lbs, 13 oz and 19 inches, Tommy Morrison, otherwise known as baby Tommy, began his journey into the world.

I first learned of Baby Tommy through a friend who informed me that her co-worker was in need of prayer for their newborn baby, who after birth, was discovered to have the disease CMV. I was sent a link to Caringbridge, a website which offers free personalized websites that support and connect loved ones during critical illness, treatment and recovery. CaringBridge was a true Godsend as individuals across the world are notified instantly via email of the progress of loved ones. Mommy and Daddy were amazing at keeping everyone informed as Tommy experienced miracle recovery progress and on his not so good days as well. CaringBridge truly allowed everyone to be involved in Baby Tommy's days in the hospital.

Tommy exited the world at 7:20am on May 3. Though his time here was brief, he emulated what it means to be strong and courageous and blessed. I am deeply saddened by the passing of this angle who i've grown to love via a distance, yet I know that Baby Tommy is looking down from heaven and smiling on us all. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that Tommy be remembered through memorials to the Intensive Care Nursery at The Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO.

Tommy, you will be missed.