Can we say...FABULOUS?

Hello everyone! My name is Jasmine Strickland and I am the other intern joining the POSH team for this wedding season. I love celebrations, especially weddings, and I am so excited to gain more insight on how to plan a great one.

I do know that a benchmark of a truly fabulous wedding is one that exudes an immense amount of style. Weddings are becoming more and more stylized, often taking cues from current fashion trends.

I am sure you all have noticed that the punk rocker look has become incredibly chic and quite glamorous. Surprisingly, I have taken a liking to this revamped style trend. I say surprisingly because you wouldn't necessarily see me at a Foo Fighters concert, but I am the owner of several skull tee shirts and I did watch both seasons of Rock of Love. Having said that, you'd understand why I am absolutely in love with these rock inspired invites by CeCi NY.

Inspired by a DADA art collage, these invites feature smokey grey, black, and pops of hot pink hues throughout, along with personalized words and phrases which are visible through the plexiglass when guests remove the invite from the envelope. Perfect for the bride who bride who wants to remain true to her rocker roots and maintain an air of sophistication and elegance.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I think that it is great when brides and grooms personalize their event in anyway possible. What better way than to start with the invitations. These are very unique and would be more likely to be saved in a scrapbook rather than thrown away. Very cute!