My reason

In 14 days we will celebrate one year of our son Christian's life. I never imagined time would go by so quickly. Everyday I wake up to the smile of a little boy who's main objective in life is to enjoy his surroundings and be loved. Everyday I experience innocence in its purest form.

This morning, before 9 am I awoke to at least 12 text and voicemail messages wishing me a happy mother's day. I was overjoyed to say the least at it is my first since Christian's birth. During one conversation I was asked, what I wanted for Mother's day. When I responded "nothing" my friend seemed confused. I explained to him, On May 25,2007 I received the greatest gift I could ever have and more than I deserve, when God brought Christian into my life. The last year I've learned that I am stronger than I've imagined being, more vulnerable than I care to admit and loved simply for being me. There is nothing more that I can imagine greater than that. (although mommy did receive a very nice Gucci purse from little Christian today).

My son is my reason for waking up on the days I just don't feel like rolling out of bed, for smiling when there is little to smile at. Christian is my reason for living and doing all that I do. So for all you mother's, those who have birthed children and those who have chosen to raise children that they did not necessarily physically bring into the world, I wish you a Happy mother's day and another year of memories and reasons to smile.


Tiffany Simmons said...

Wow, I can't believe its been a year. Time has flown. From your post I can tell that every day is mother's day for you. :-)

Jenelle said...

I second that! I know exactly how you feel!