I Scream, You scream

We all scream for ice cream!

I'm out of town attending a conference in Maryland this week (newbies, take note...schedule lots of time in your annual calendar to lean via classroom training). Anywho, during one of our much needed breakout sessions, attendees were created with dessert reception stations..not just your typical fondue, Viennese stations, no , no, we were treated to that sweet childhood treat of Ice Cream!

Ironically enough, the male attendees certainly took a leap at the stations in front of their female counterparts. As I observed the crowd, I thought it was great to see how excited the guests were to select not only their favorite ice cream, but the wide variety of toppings.

If you're considering an alternative to traditional wedding cake for your reception, certainly consider ice cream. Step it up and make the station a little more formal by adding "sophisticated" treats to the station, such as flambe fruit, in addition to our childhood favorite jujubees, sprinkles and my favorite all-time favorite...anything chocolate.

Sweet ending to a sweet event, LOVE IT!

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