Dressed to Kill...

On wedding day there are a few select individuals who should be wearing white. If you're wondering if one of them is you, it probably isn't. Unless you are the guests of honor, please, please, please refrain from the temptation to put on your pearly whites for the special occasion.

This extends to Mother's of the Brides and Grooms as well.

Though I understand that you want to look your best at the wedding, for one day, let the attention rest on the Bride & Groom. If you are tempted to wear a light color, choose a pastel in a light or medium tone; something complimentary to the colors of the wedding party that does not make you look like an honorary Bridesmaid.

You can still look fabulous and well put together, and the eyes that will be on you, won't send over dirty stares.


Farrah said...

Do you remember how many people showed up to my wedding wearing white? Alot thats how many! Both men and women were violating the rule.I dont know if it just disrespect or because it was a summer wedding. People klike to wear white in the summer, but not at someone else's wedding

Isis said...

The only memorable one that night was you! I still remember how gorgeous your gown was. Guests can be so inappropriate at times. said...

I am so glad you wrote about this - great post.
ladies - put on your colorful summer dresses - leave the white for another night!