The Agony of The Feet

Ladies, who says you can't have it all?

Brides constantly agonize over what they will literally walk down the aisle in. Practicality aside, I suggest that you treat yourself to the most amazing pair of non-Wedding (aka non-dyeable)shoes you can get your well manicured hands on.

After months and possibly years of planning and considering every detail of your big day, one detail should be ultra-fabulous. While your gown and veil may run a close second and third, the likelihood of wearing either of the two on another occasion is slim to none...Your footwear on the other hand, just may stand a chance.

There's nothing that will drive a woman to confidence quicker than a pair of killer shoes. Walking to the man of your dreams in them, that is a bonus sure to add a little pep in your step. Here are some fabulous finds I came across during my research (and purchase) phase:

Jeweled from head to toe

Weitzman, sleek and sophisticated

Charles David taps into the runway diva in us all

A fabulous "something blue"

PS. The shoes above are totally impractical for a 5 hour night of dancing, but don't worry your coordinator will be equipped with a pair of suitable (flat and comfortable)replacements, (appropriate for your gown hem line of course) when you are in need!

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Anonymous said...

I wish that I could turn back the hands of time to my wedding. I would have definitely worn that sexy blue shoe! Bring out the freak in me. LOL!