Kids do the darndest things!

I received non-professional pictures from Carmen and Sebastian's wedding this morning. Of course, I was super excited to see my gorgeous Bride Carmen captured in still moments, however, one picture in particular definitely brought a smile to my face this Monday morning.

Above is my handsome ring bearer who just didn't miss a beat! In order to help motivate down the long, windy, cobblestone aisle, instead of rings in his steel container, I put mints (he LOVES mints)and told him to pretend that he was carrying the rings.

I guess I should have been more specific.

The photo above, captured the ring bearer patiently waiting during the recital of the vows, EATING the "rings".

Gotta love it!


POSH in Print

I was so excited when I was contacted by the Star Ledger to discuss doing what I love most, planning weddings. I was honored to find out that the interview was selected to be featured in the Sunday business section of the Star Ledger for all counties within the state.

Three Questions: She says 'I do' to wedding plans
Sunday, June 29, 2008

No need to be in a knot over tying the knot.

Not when you can leave the details to wedding planner Isis Petrie, who has been helping couples make their special day stress-free for more than six years. The owner of POSH Events ( in Cherry Hill, Petrie holds degrees in economics and psychology from Rutgers University and an MBA from the Fox School of Business-Temple University.

A self-described social butterfly, Petrie said she has always organized events for friends and family. After planning an event after the death of a close friend, she says she didn't want to help people gather for sad occasions, but joyful events, so she started a wedding planning business.

Petrie shared how she helps design one of life's happiest milestones with The Star-Ledger.

Q. What was your most impressive wedding?

A. My most impressive wedding took place last November. The couple contacted me eight weeks before their scheduled nuptials to assist in planning. They needed ... everything. Within two weeks, we secured a church, reception venue, transportation, accommodations for their out of town guests, rehearsal dinner location and more.

The wedding took place as scheduled on Saturday, Nov. 27. It was an intimate ceremony with 92 of the couple's family and closest friends. The ceremony was beautiful and full of love. "Impressive" to me is not defined by the budgetary amount associated with the event. I've worked with budgets from $5,000 to $125,000. Instead, I judge a wedding by the amount of love in the air at the end of the night.

Q. How is this type of work rewarding for you?

A. I find this job to be rewarding because at the end of the night, aching feet and all, I know I have played a major part in the lives of two people. Not only do I witness the legal union of two individuals, I've generally witnessed all that it took to get them there. It's an honor.

I know when I fluff my bride's veil, kiss her on her cheek, wipe the tear that inevitably rolls down my own cheek, and wish her good luck, my job is done and my contribution is valued.

Q. How do you keep the brides worry-free on their special day?

A. By assuring them that anything that goes wrong, I will take care of ... and they will know nothing about it. I rely on my vendors to work in conjunction with myself and the rest of my amazing staff, to execute on a consistent basis on this flawless events.

On the day of the wedding, the couple's job is to say "I do" and enjoy the year's worth of work they've put into the night. I remind them that we've discussed in great detail everything that will take place and all questions will be directed my way. I also ask them to leave a nice voice mail on their cellular phone with my contact information so they can enjoy their day.

My motto: "Your day will be as perfect as it can be ... what can't be avoided, we will get through."

-- Cynthia Parker

Thank you so much Cynthia!


A Tote after my own heart

As a self-professed accessory addict, I'm always on the hunt for a stylish addition to my existing collection. When I came across this beauty from russelandhazel, let's just say, I couldn't resist!!!

Definitely a very cute way for a Bride or her MOH to carry around an organized version of the documents associated with planning her wedding. Add a little bling and perhaps a transferrable version of your wedding monogram and Viola! Your very own personalized Audrey tote. Bye bye overstuffed binders...hello stylish purse.

Love it!


Wake up and smell the...


Yes ladies, there's a new contender in town and I must say, I'm loving it. Although I'm very much a Calla kind of girl, from the moment by fabulous Bride Jen mentioned using this species for her bouquet, I was hooked.

Known for their bright colors, Zinnias are a genus of the Asteracae family. They range in variety from linear to oval, single row to dome shaped petals and are often seen in yellow, orange, red, purple and chartreuse. The best part...the flowers are grown locally and quite an affordable option. Mixed them with an assortment of dahlias and hydrangeas and you have the perfect recipe for a gorgeous bouquet. Though they are not on the market just yet, in another 2-3 weeks these darling beauties are sure to make a guest appearance.


You and your "Crew"

Ok, I'll admit...I've finally given in to mellow yellow (as Meredith would say). After a few months of convincing, a.k.a. seeing this color splashed over every magazine/blog/article imaginable, you can FINALLY add my name to the fan list.

One of my favorite ways to personalize your weddings is to allow your Bridesmaids to feel their best in a dress suitable for their personality and stlye (you can apply this to the flower bouquets they carry as well). Imagine my delight when browsing the J-Crew wedding line for this fall:

Most of the dresses can be purchased for under $250. Multi-use, gorgeous color, cocktail length and cute...Loving it!


I'll drink to that

Couples are often looking for ways to personalize their wedding. I typically encourage the Bride & Groom to look for ways to incorporate personal items into the ceremony and reception, without overkill.

One formality I've found that many couples can honestly do without, is the champagne toast. Actually the champagne, not so much the toast.

Why not use this opportunity to do something a little unique?

One of my favorite vineyards in California, Wilson Creek Winery, offers an almond champagne that is nothing short of amazing. If you'd prefer an addition to the Viennese table, this champagne adorned with a small piece of chocolate creates a taste similar to that of an Almond Joy. For approximately $17 a bottle, you can expose your guests to a sweet treat sure to fascinate their taste buds and give no meaning to the term, delicious.

Love it!


Carmen Married Sebastian

It finally happened. Rain that is.

This past Saturday, in a quaint, gorgeously landscaped backyard at a private home in Woodbury, NJ, 91 guests witnessed the union of Carmen to the love her life, Sebastian. Joined by the couple, were their wedding party of their siblings and 19 vendors, 4 of which played beautiful music for the Bride to walk down her stone paved walk.

One hour later we were joined by 3 uninvited guests...and they definitely made their presence know. Their names...rain, thunder and lightening.

In 5+ years of Coordinating weddings, I've been privileged to not have a wedding disturbed by the forces of mother nature. Saturday was no different. As we witnessed torrential downpours, I glanced over to my lovely Bride Carmen and smiled as she was dancing in her Nicole Miller gown embracing the thunder showers and waiting nearby was her handsome new groom. The skies partied long enough Saturday evening for a dry, sunlit ceremony and shortly thereafter, our guests brought a much needed gift for the newlyweds...a breeze.

I was fortunate to be joined by the amazing team of vendors including Feastivities Catering and Blue Line Media Productions, who assisted in making the Mirochna-Bahr Wedding a seamless event.

Looking forward to the pictures Chelsea!


Friday, the thirteenth

day of June, two thousand and eight.

If you've recently placed an invitation order, this line should look all too familiar.

I'm often asked by couples for the etiquette "appropriate" way to word their invitations. Here are some basics to remember:

1. date, year and time are always written in its entirety. Abbreviations are a no-no.

2. 4:00 pm is afternoon, 5:00pm begins evening

3. If your startt ime is on a half-hour interval, i.e. 4:30 pm, your invitation reads "half past..."

4. City and state are included with the address of the ceremony location. Zip codes are not!

Below I've included wording for scenarios often encountered:

Both Parents Inviting:

(Bride's Parents)
(Groom's Parents)
request the honor of your
presence at the marriage of
their children
(Bride first, middle name)
(Groom first, middle name)
as they happily unite their
hearts their lives and their
cultures through marriage on
(weekday), the (date)
of (month)
Two thousand and eight
at half past five in the evening
xxxx Church
City, State

Bride & Groom Paying for the wedding:
Two lives, two hearts
joined together in friendship
united forever in love.
It is with joy that we,
invite you to share
in a celebration of love
as we exchange our marriage
on the fifth day of June
two thousand eight
at four in the afternoon
xxx Church
1 Main Street
City, State

Divorced Parents, Mother of the Bride paying

Mr. and Mrs. xxx
request the honour of your
at the marriage of her daughter
on the fifth day of May
two thousand and eight
at six o'clock in the evening
xxx Church
City, State

Deceased Parents (Parent of Groom)

(Bride's parents)
request the honour of your
presence at the marriage
of their daughter
(Bride first, middle)
(Groom first, middle)
son of (father of Groom)
and late
(Mother of Groom
on Saturday, the twenty-second of December
two thousand and eight
xxx Hotel
1 Main Street
City, State

Happy Friday!


Oh Ladies...

And gents (of course) if you are looking to experience a Bridal showcase like no other, let me introduce you to :

Wednesday, June 25

The Palace at Somerset Park in Somerset, NJ


- An Exclusive Vera Wang Bridal Fashion Show

- Cocktail Bar and Tastings

- Complimentary Beauty Services

- Amazing Table Decor

- Luxury Goodie Bags

If would like to attend, please send me a note. I have complimentary admission ticket for 2 and trust me, these events are like non-other!


True Life: I am a Wedding Coordinator

There is a reality TV show on MTV which follows individuals through their every day tasks and documents the struggles and challenges of their "true" life situation. I wish the show extended to us.

Not that the industry needs yet ANOTHER television show, but because there needs to be a less glorified medium to show the real world what it takes to be a Wedding Coordinator. Maybe then the imitators will take a step back.

This industry is far from glamorous, though I can say it is the best job I've had in my almost 30 years of life. While rewarding, the work is tedious, demanding, time sensitive, very high stress and either you have the gene that kicks you into action at the sight of 30-108" linens for 35-60" tables, or you don't. (If you're reading and you're clueless to the last statement and you call your self a planner, it's time to go back to the drawing board).

Couples, if you meet with a so-called "Planner" that can't produce pictures of their work, can't name you 10 banquet facilities, picturesque landmarks in the area or explain the difference between a cocktail reception and cocktail can rest assured that they do not have a clue as to what they are doing. If someone hasn't taken the time to invest in a professional looking web page or business cards and has instead resorted to a myspace page with a warm hardy welcome of inappropriate rap music, what would leave you to believe that they will handle your wedding with care?

The "Coordinator" may mask this under the pretense of a discount (only $400 for day of) but honestly, if someone is willing to work for $400 for an entire month's worth of work, what kind of product do you really expect?

You get what you pay for. Why waste $400?

I want to make it very clear; I understand everyone starts somewhere. However, there is a huge difference between openly admitting that you are playing "trial run" with a couple's wedding versus extending some ridiculous 50% off discount. The end result is often a more experienced Planner being called in to fix the train wreck you've created.

It's not fair.

Not to the couple and not to the Industry.

Couples if you are considering hiring a Planner, please do your research FIRST. If something does not sit too well with you, consider that your instinct telling you to run and turn the other way and do not look back. Your Coordinator is someone you will work very closely with over the next few months. If your gut is telling you something is sketchy, listen. Otherwise you will get what you pay for...a cheap, unorganized, 1st time experience of someone who may in fact mean well and honestly just doesn't have a clue.

So again I ask, why waste $400?


Carried Away

I'm guilty.

Like many women I know, I ran to the sold-out movie theatre on Friday night for my fix of the fabulous women of Sex and the City and I must say, I was not dissapointed in the least.

I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't had a chance to catch it yet...but I will say that my favorite part of the movie by far...The FASHION. Especially the wedding gowns. Seeing all of the exquisite designer gowns on the big screen is every Planners dream.

The gown that Carrie had the privelege of wearing was by far my favorite, although the feather/veil combination, I was not too thrilled about. What do you think?