You and your "Crew"

Ok, I'll admit...I've finally given in to mellow yellow (as Meredith would say). After a few months of convincing, a.k.a. seeing this color splashed over every magazine/blog/article imaginable, you can FINALLY add my name to the fan list.

One of my favorite ways to personalize your weddings is to allow your Bridesmaids to feel their best in a dress suitable for their personality and stlye (you can apply this to the flower bouquets they carry as well). Imagine my delight when browsing the J-Crew wedding line for this fall:

Most of the dresses can be purchased for under $250. Multi-use, gorgeous color, cocktail length and cute...Loving it!


Kelly, Your SW Florida Destination Wedding Planner said...

I still need convincing. I can't handle the yellow yet. Maybe one day...

Simply Modern Weddings said...

Hahaha! Wow Isis, that is so funny! You are right great minds do think alike. I am loving all the yellow! :-)