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I was so excited when I was contacted by the Star Ledger to discuss doing what I love most, planning weddings. I was honored to find out that the interview was selected to be featured in the Sunday business section of the Star Ledger for all counties within the state.

Three Questions: She says 'I do' to wedding plans
Sunday, June 29, 2008

No need to be in a knot over tying the knot.

Not when you can leave the details to wedding planner Isis Petrie, who has been helping couples make their special day stress-free for more than six years. The owner of POSH Events ( in Cherry Hill, Petrie holds degrees in economics and psychology from Rutgers University and an MBA from the Fox School of Business-Temple University.

A self-described social butterfly, Petrie said she has always organized events for friends and family. After planning an event after the death of a close friend, she says she didn't want to help people gather for sad occasions, but joyful events, so she started a wedding planning business.

Petrie shared how she helps design one of life's happiest milestones with The Star-Ledger.

Q. What was your most impressive wedding?

A. My most impressive wedding took place last November. The couple contacted me eight weeks before their scheduled nuptials to assist in planning. They needed ... everything. Within two weeks, we secured a church, reception venue, transportation, accommodations for their out of town guests, rehearsal dinner location and more.

The wedding took place as scheduled on Saturday, Nov. 27. It was an intimate ceremony with 92 of the couple's family and closest friends. The ceremony was beautiful and full of love. "Impressive" to me is not defined by the budgetary amount associated with the event. I've worked with budgets from $5,000 to $125,000. Instead, I judge a wedding by the amount of love in the air at the end of the night.

Q. How is this type of work rewarding for you?

A. I find this job to be rewarding because at the end of the night, aching feet and all, I know I have played a major part in the lives of two people. Not only do I witness the legal union of two individuals, I've generally witnessed all that it took to get them there. It's an honor.

I know when I fluff my bride's veil, kiss her on her cheek, wipe the tear that inevitably rolls down my own cheek, and wish her good luck, my job is done and my contribution is valued.

Q. How do you keep the brides worry-free on their special day?

A. By assuring them that anything that goes wrong, I will take care of ... and they will know nothing about it. I rely on my vendors to work in conjunction with myself and the rest of my amazing staff, to execute on a consistent basis on this flawless events.

On the day of the wedding, the couple's job is to say "I do" and enjoy the year's worth of work they've put into the night. I remind them that we've discussed in great detail everything that will take place and all questions will be directed my way. I also ask them to leave a nice voice mail on their cellular phone with my contact information so they can enjoy their day.

My motto: "Your day will be as perfect as it can be ... what can't be avoided, we will get through."

-- Cynthia Parker

Thank you so much Cynthia!


Affairs With Elegance said...

Congratulations on the article Isis! Your answers were great.

Tiffany Simmons said...

Congratulations to POSH being in print, yet again. I gain a little more insight and wisdom from you each chance I get. Keep up the good work Isis....

Isis said...

Thank you ladies!

Tiffany, I miss you...

Jenelle said...

Go girl! that is wonderful said...

yeah - congrats ! this is great.

Lara Casey said...

Great interview! I love the quote at the end.

Jessica said...

OMG Isis.. first of all CONGRATS!!! and second of all.. I cant beleive my wedding was your most impressive!! I have a little tear in my eye!!

Isis said...


You are too cute. Thank you! Your wedding was by far my most impressive. Not only did we "pull off" an AMAZING event, everyone had such a good time that night and you were such a beautiful couple, deserving of everything God has provided for you.