Wake up and smell the...


Yes ladies, there's a new contender in town and I must say, I'm loving it. Although I'm very much a Calla kind of girl, from the moment by fabulous Bride Jen mentioned using this species for her bouquet, I was hooked.

Known for their bright colors, Zinnias are a genus of the Asteracae family. They range in variety from linear to oval, single row to dome shaped petals and are often seen in yellow, orange, red, purple and chartreuse. The best part...the flowers are grown locally and quite an affordable option. Mixed them with an assortment of dahlias and hydrangeas and you have the perfect recipe for a gorgeous bouquet. Though they are not on the market just yet, in another 2-3 weeks these darling beauties are sure to make a guest appearance.

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Simply Modern Weddings said...

Oooh...what pretty vivid flowers!