True Life: I am a Wedding Coordinator

There is a reality TV show on MTV which follows individuals through their every day tasks and documents the struggles and challenges of their "true" life situation. I wish the show extended to us.

Not that the industry needs yet ANOTHER television show, but because there needs to be a less glorified medium to show the real world what it takes to be a Wedding Coordinator. Maybe then the imitators will take a step back.

This industry is far from glamorous, though I can say it is the best job I've had in my almost 30 years of life. While rewarding, the work is tedious, demanding, time sensitive, very high stress and either you have the gene that kicks you into action at the sight of 30-108" linens for 35-60" tables, or you don't. (If you're reading and you're clueless to the last statement and you call your self a planner, it's time to go back to the drawing board).

Couples, if you meet with a so-called "Planner" that can't produce pictures of their work, can't name you 10 banquet facilities, picturesque landmarks in the area or explain the difference between a cocktail reception and cocktail hour...you can rest assured that they do not have a clue as to what they are doing. If someone hasn't taken the time to invest in a professional looking web page or business cards and has instead resorted to a myspace page with a warm hardy welcome of inappropriate rap music, what would leave you to believe that they will handle your wedding with care?

The "Coordinator" may mask this under the pretense of a discount (only $400 for day of) but honestly, if someone is willing to work for $400 for an entire month's worth of work, what kind of product do you really expect?

You get what you pay for. Why waste $400?

I want to make it very clear; I understand everyone starts somewhere. However, there is a huge difference between openly admitting that you are playing "trial run" with a couple's wedding versus extending some ridiculous 50% off discount. The end result is often a more experienced Planner being called in to fix the train wreck you've created.

It's not fair.

Not to the couple and not to the Industry.

Couples if you are considering hiring a Planner, please do your research FIRST. If something does not sit too well with you, consider that your instinct telling you to run and turn the other way and do not look back. Your Coordinator is someone you will work very closely with over the next few months. If your gut is telling you something is sketchy, listen. Otherwise you will get what you pay for...a cheap, unorganized, 1st time experience of someone who may in fact mean well and honestly just doesn't have a clue.

So again I ask, why waste $400?


Mark Kingsdorf- The Queen of Hearts said...

'nuff said!

Robilyn said...

applause applause

Jenelle said...

alright! well said

Andria Lewis said...

Love it! I've linked to this post!

Anonymous said...

As a bride I have to admit, I got dooped into this. I knew that my day of coordinator was a little inexperienced and she supposedly gave me a "dicount". I didn't mind her inexperience because really I am planning a very fabulous wedding. I just need someone to execute because I can't be both bride and the person pulling off a million details in a small part of the day. So this is the problem that I have, inexperienced planners who take the work of someone else and pawn them off as their own. You should be more aware if the pictures of the planners are his or her own work. If it is her work, make her describe in detail how she came up with the set up? How did they develop the ideas? Where did they find their rentals? You may just be looking at what she set up instead of created. Is there anything wrong with that? Yes and No. If you want someone to create a fairytale wedding and the close they can get you is Ronald McDonald land then you may have a problem.

Vivid Expressions LLC said...

Thank you - it needed to be said!

lisa schneider said...

Very well stated. Thank You!

MzBrittany! said...

Very nicely said! Although I am very new to this industry, I have learned a lot to know that not just anyone can plan such a special day as one's wedding day! Wedding Coordinator is not just a title someone can tote around but a full time job that requires a lot of skill! keep up the great work!! Love your blogs!