I'll drink to that

Couples are often looking for ways to personalize their wedding. I typically encourage the Bride & Groom to look for ways to incorporate personal items into the ceremony and reception, without overkill.

One formality I've found that many couples can honestly do without, is the champagne toast. Actually the champagne, not so much the toast.

Why not use this opportunity to do something a little unique?

One of my favorite vineyards in California, Wilson Creek Winery, offers an almond champagne that is nothing short of amazing. If you'd prefer an addition to the Viennese table, this champagne adorned with a small piece of chocolate creates a taste similar to that of an Almond Joy. For approximately $17 a bottle, you can expose your guests to a sweet treat sure to fascinate their taste buds and give no meaning to the term, delicious.

Love it!


Leslie said...

Isis - that is my favorite, FAVORITE, favorite champagne in the whole wide world.

Isis said...

How funny is that! Great minds think alike I guess. It's so bad, I joined the winery club and have the wine shipped to VA- 1 bottle red, 1 of white and 1 almond champagne. About 2x a year I will go to visit my family there and pick up the champagne. Sad, I know.

Isn't it the best?