Kids do the darndest things!

I received non-professional pictures from Carmen and Sebastian's wedding this morning. Of course, I was super excited to see my gorgeous Bride Carmen captured in still moments, however, one picture in particular definitely brought a smile to my face this Monday morning.

Above is my handsome ring bearer who just didn't miss a beat! In order to help motivate down the long, windy, cobblestone aisle, instead of rings in his steel container, I put mints (he LOVES mints)and told him to pretend that he was carrying the rings.

I guess I should have been more specific.

The photo above, captured the ring bearer patiently waiting during the recital of the vows, EATING the "rings".

Gotta love it!


Kelly, Your SW Florida Destination Wedding Planner said...

That's hilarious. I'll bet you were at the back doing everything you could to hold in your laughter.

Isis said...

The best part is, I didn't even notice b/c I was at the top of the hill sending the rest of the Bridal party down. The picture was the first time I saw this cutie in action.