Carmen Married Sebastian

It finally happened. Rain that is.

This past Saturday, in a quaint, gorgeously landscaped backyard at a private home in Woodbury, NJ, 91 guests witnessed the union of Carmen to the love her life, Sebastian. Joined by the couple, were their wedding party of their siblings and 19 vendors, 4 of which played beautiful music for the Bride to walk down her stone paved walk.

One hour later we were joined by 3 uninvited guests...and they definitely made their presence know. Their names...rain, thunder and lightening.

In 5+ years of Coordinating weddings, I've been privileged to not have a wedding disturbed by the forces of mother nature. Saturday was no different. As we witnessed torrential downpours, I glanced over to my lovely Bride Carmen and smiled as she was dancing in her Nicole Miller gown embracing the thunder showers and waiting nearby was her handsome new groom. The skies partied long enough Saturday evening for a dry, sunlit ceremony and shortly thereafter, our guests brought a much needed gift for the newlyweds...a breeze.

I was fortunate to be joined by the amazing team of vendors including Feastivities Catering and Blue Line Media Productions, who assisted in making the Mirochna-Bahr Wedding a seamless event.

Looking forward to the pictures Chelsea!

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ahh rain - glad you didnt' drown, I did a outdoor wedding 2 summers ago and the guests were wet up to their knees and the linens were wet up 1/2 way. Luckily everyone was a good sport.