Your Day, Your Way

One of the first topics I discuss with Clients during the initial meeting is their individual Wedding Style. It's often an interesting conversation for me as I watch the gazed look appear usually on the Groom's face as to what exactly "HIS" style is (smile). After a little prodding, Couples generally begin to articulate likes, dislikes, "must haves", etc and create what we affectionaly refer to as a "Wedding Vision". This vision becomes the basis for all things involved in the Wedding from decor, to menu selections to attire-so that there is a general cohesiveness throughout the event.

One of my newest Couples is an awesome two-some from New Jersey who has taken the phrase "Our Day, Our Way" to a new limit! The couple is planning a dessert reception in a beautiful open area space for a few hundred of their closest friends. What I love about this couple is that they truly "get it". They've abandoned the stereotypical way of thinking of what a Wedding should be, to focus on an extremely fun, energetic, contemporary reception with a Ceremony to include many traditional elements. I applaud this couple for really knowing what's important to them and allowing it to shine on thier special day. For all of you wavering on what "can" and "can't be done, I encourage you, stay true to yourself and your party and allow your Wedding Ceremony and Reflection to be a reflection of the love you share and the life you enjoy!

Besides, hours and hours of desserts...doesn't get much better than that! :)

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