Dollars & Sense...

Today's post is entitled Dollars and Sense because when it comes to your Wedding (and those of you who have been planning for a while definitely understand), It is about balancing your wants and needs with the restrictions of your budget. While you may WANT a band if you can only afford a DJ then you must be realistic when making your choices. Review the budget you've established and if there are a couple thousand dollars that can be taken from another category to fulfill your wishes, than by all means go for it...but if not, a sacrifice or two will have to be made upfront so that 2 weeks before the wedding, when all is due, you are not stressed and "strapped".

One category that is often overlooked and challenged is Videography. Of the many categories, it is often a percentage of the budget that is the hardest for me to explain to couples that the returns are so much more rewarding than the original output. Many couples feel that if they have photography, than the Photographer will capture all of the moments of the day. I have had the pleasure of working with some really amazing Photographers and will they are unbelievably qualified at capturing the still version of the emotions of the day, there is nothing better than seeing it as it unfolds.

One of the reasons couples often forego Video aside from expense, is that of time. As we all know, we live in a world of Instant gratification and receiving your Wedding Video, just like your Photo proofs can take months. One of my favorite Videographers offers couples a 3 minute highlight Video which they send to the couple immediately after the Wedding. This Video allows couples to get a sneak peek at the Grand picture and fills a little of the need for instant gratification that we all (I am guilty) share.

If you are struggling with whether to add a Videographer to your Vendors for the day, I would strongly suggest meeting with a few to see samples of their work. Many Videographers offer packages with a variety of options that can be customized to accommodate your budget from minimizing hours to 1 camera vs 2. Costs in this area for 2007 currently on average begin at $2,000 and can increase exponentially depending on your specific needs.

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