Ok, so i've sat on this for about as long as I can, but the buzz in my industry over the last 18 hours or so has definitely been around David E Kelly's new show on Fox, Wedding Bells. Like most people, I was really, really looking forward to watching the show and getting a good laugh in on a Wednesday night because I'm sorry, but television has taken a turn for the worse these days...
Boy was I dissapointed! Ugh.

Ok, first, here's my disclaimer, this is TOTALLY based on my opinion, but if ever there was a show to disgrace a profession, ding, ding, ding-we have a Winner. I'm not sure exactly when my eyes bulged, but I think it was when the Mother of The Bride offered a $500 tip to the Planner to have the Officiant say "Jesus atleast 2x" since the Groom's family was Jewish! Yup, that was probably it...

Exaggerated, indeed; comical-at times. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't think for one second that the show in any way reflects how our lives "really are". The day I watch Vendors assualt Brides and sleep with married Groomsmen is the day I walk away from this profession that I truly love; Until then, guess it's back to channel surfing on Wednesday night-any suggestions?

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