On a typical Friday, I spend the morning finishing up the week's work and the afternoon preparing for rehearsals.

When the Phillies win the World Series however, Friday is anything but typical.

Dressed in my Phillies gear, I headed towards the City of Brotherly love to brave the chaos. I called in a favor or two (I love this business) and was able to secure seating right at the start of the parade in a building literally on the parade route, 4 stories up. The view was amazing. Below I've posted pictures that I took from my blackberry camera phone. Not bad for 4 stories up!

Start of the morning:

Starbuck's run:

Start of the Parade:

This is the media bus. Philadelphia fans started screaming "move that bus!move that bus!"

Phillies Phanatic...he's so cute. He also makes appearances at Weddings if you like:

Phanatic gets down:

Player's Float:

Player's Float:

Flag from the Player's float:

Float with "Congratulations Philly banner"

Player float:

Chaos after the parade! Love this city.

The Parade route ends at the stadium, however, I will be making my way over to the Prince's Halloween parade.

Hope you're having a great Friday!

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Lisa Michelle said...

Hey - how cool is that?