Bars of a different type

My name is Isis and I am addicted to coffee based drinks. Addicted to where I realize I am now up to over $8 a day in Starbuck's related expenses and the staff at both stores know my name; sad, I know.

I'm so delighted to see that Cappucino is making its way into the world of events in a major way. We're not talking 8 ft long table with a few liquer flavor options, no, no, no. Think full service catering for your event, specializing in all of your Espresso and Cappucino needs!

In the authentic Italian tradition, full service espresso bars offering premium espresso, cappuccino, and latte via European-style barista service, are sure to be the next craze locally. Covim USA is one local company rising to the challenge!

Serving the tri-state area,Covim has found a niche in bringing direct to you, delicious coffee and espresso, elegant enough for your events via MS Espresso Catering. The staff is teriffic and the drinks...well they're delicous! Be sure to consider adding a little something warm to your event this year.

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