Why not?

I'll admit, I'm a bit "nontraditional". My taste...a little outside the norm.

When I think of Bridesmaids, not only do I feel there is a need to find attire that compliments each individual silhouette, I often wonder, who made it a rule that bridal party members HAD to carry flowers?

Seriously. I'd much rather walk down the aisle flaunting one of these babies:

Photos courtesy of Zappos

Practical. Pretty. "Floral" like. Why not?

Surely won't see these left on the table at the end of the night!


Miss. Meme said...

you know what...I think I left my bridesmaid flowers on the table lol. that would be a great alternative

Green Orchid Events said...

I agree! During photos for my sister's wedding, we held our green signature cocktail instead of our bouquets!