I've been tagged again by Stacey of Affairs to Remember to participate in the dot, dot, dot post. I've been meaning to do this post for some time since I first saw it a month or so ago, so now I have an excuse.

I've decided not to tag anyone else...but here goes.

I AM… stronger than I care to believe at times.
I WANT…to be an inspiration to many.
I HAVE…more good days than bad.
I KEEP…an optimistic outlook on life
I WISH I COULD… take some time to slow down
I HATE…being lied to.
I FEAR…no man.
I HEAR…music in my head
I DON'T THINK…people realize the magnitude of their effect on others
I REGRET…very little. I’ve learned to be true to YOURSELF first and life’s path becomes very clear
I LOVE…the sound of my son breathing in his sleep
I AM NOT…afraid to pursue my dreams
I DANCE…to the beat of my own drum. It's more a two-step with a twist.
I SING…every chance I get. Not well. Just often.
I NEVER…take for granted that I will be here tomorrow and say I love you to the people that matter the most.
I RARELY…lose touch.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH…most movies. Romance. Comedy. Cartoon. I'm a total sap.
I AM NOT ALWAYS… right. I’d love to think I am though.
I HATE THAT…pride often outweighs logic
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT… the state of the world. The level of poverty and the hopelessness of many.
I NEED…to lose 12 lbs by December
I SHOULD…pray more.

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The Wedding Planner Extraordinaire said...

Isis, thanks so much for participating. I love your answers.