It's ok to be green...

In this instance for sure!

I was tagged by my very good friend and amazing colleague Kelly McWilliams of Weddings By Socialites
for the Green Tage game. Here's the deal... you have to list your contribution to maintaining an eco-friendly, green environment and at POSH, we do try our best:

1. We've begun requesting increased communication with our couples via email. No more paper just scanning faxing (Don't you just love PDF!)
2. My staff and I travel in no more than 3 cars on Wedding Day. Between my vehicle and those of my staff, we can accomodate travel of 18 people in 3 cars.
3. I often encourage our Clients to utilize the facility ceremony space, providing it's a good fit. Having your ceremony and reception in the same location is a great way to eliminate transportation/ travel needs for your guests as well as doing your part for pollution.
4. Within the last year, we've replaced almost all of the lighting sources as well as about 80% of the windows (and trust me, there are quite a few) in our home, to more energy efficient sources-not only is it great for the environment, it's great for the green in your pocket as well!

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ready.2.spark said...

Love your take on the Green Challenge. Such simple ways of integrating green thinking into life & business. I'm blown away by all the great ideas I've heard so far! I'm letting everyone know who participated in the challenge that I've compiled all the feedback on my blog.
Thank you for passing on the challenge!